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The purpose of The Act Diary is to frame a snapshot of my humanity, my failures, and my successes as I live my life and strive for my dreams. I have lots of dreams, and whether I reach them or not, the important thing is that I reached.

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P1060773.JPGI am 20 years old, struggling to balance my creative confetti-like mind and life. I’m majoring in theatre and minoring in hating college. I live most of my life thinking about food and movies.

When I was little, I was always the melodramatic one. I’ve channeled that, now, into my desire to act professionally. Acting is my passion, and if I could spend my life doing just that, I would be incredibly happy.

Acting isn’t that easy to blog about, though. It’s such an active, living process, and that makes it difficult to document through words. So this blog has come to center around my other passion- writing.

My writing is probably as random as I am. But I have focused my endeavors into a few different areas. First, I am writing a novel with the working title Hero (see my writing updates under Heroisms). Also, I have taken to writing fanfiction when I get stuck on Hero. Check out my fanfiction here at Wattpad, and read the origin of that endeavor here. You can also find my fanfiction in paperback form on Lulu.

I am a believer, and I want everything I do to glorify the One who made me. Hopefully everything I write here will, in some way, point to Him.



-The Act Diary-




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