Heroism: Passing a Roadblock Just in Time to See the Next One

Editing my novel is a constant journey of uphill climbs. In fact, I’ve been climbing uphill so long I’m pretty sure there’s no more oxygen at this height, so NO WONDER I’m having trouble thinking straight.

The thing is, the climb up the hill is always seven million times longer than the short relief of the slide down the other side. And yet I’m still always shocked whenever I reach the bottom of the slide and realize it’s time to start trekking again.


The part I’m working on right now isn’t the most challenging – it’s just a lot of information, and I want to be careful how I express it. I don’t just wanna smash it all in, step back, and realize how ugly it is. Finesse is the real challenge.

I’ve realized lately that I fell into a pitfall of characterization for one of my MC’s developments – forcing his emotions instead of finding the motivation behind them. So I’m trying to get to the root of my character, trying to bring his reactions from the proper place. It’s tough.


Writing is my therapy. I write for my own purpose. And yet, one of the biggest motivators for me to continue editing is that I know my family and friends are waiting eagerly to read it. As an actress, the art I make is an offering to others. I can’t keep all my art to myself – it was made to be shared. And I think it’s incredible that through the process of creating art, not only do I find peace for myself, I create enjoyment for others.

Art is one of the things that helps get me through the long, dark winters. Spring is finally on the horizon- and hopefully, so is the completion of the second draft of my book.



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  1. I don’t know why but when I read your posts, I feel like IQ increases

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  2. 😂 tbh this is one of my more eloquent posts

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  3. Thebookwyrmblog.blogspot.com February 23, 2018 — 5:28 pm

    First: THAT GIF.
    Second, I agree with obsessedgirl, you always seem super smart, even if you were just screaming in your post. You could post something that says “dudbfhdbdkskwbsdb” and we’d be like “That is a smart girl”


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