10 Movies I’m Excited to See This Year

I thought last year was bursting at the seams. It felt like every other weekend, some great new movie was releasing into theaters. But 2017 can’t hold a candle to the barrage of films releasing in 2018.

I’m an avid theater-goer, so this is both good and bad news for me. Good: plenty of amazing movies to go see! Bad: wallet is emptying, send help.

But quite frankly, seeing movies in theaters is worth it to me. I like supporting the filmmakers, I love the big screens and sound systems, and most importantly- THE TRAILERRRRRSS

So, what movies am I most excited about?

Maze Runner: The Death Cure


January 26

THAT POSTER. I haven’t had an opportunity yet to gush about that poster. It’s bEaUtIfUlLLL. I love the original Maze Runner movie, and – despite a 46% rating on Rotten Tomatoes – I love The Scorch Trials as well. I am always endeared to movies that have big casts of people who just love each other and love filmmaking. Watch any interview with these castmates and you’ll see a lot of laughter and love.


I’m really excited to see the conclusion of the story. We started in the Maze, trekked through the Scorch, and now we’re here. (Talk about great variety of locations- the color schemes alone are so vastly different, and that’s appealing to me.) I loved the books, and James Dashner has given his seal of approval on the film adaptions. Also, my boy Dylan is lookin’ fine.

Black Panther


February 16

I would perfectly happy if Black Panther smashed the box office and broke world records and was completely amazing. The addition of this character to the MCU is really important, I think, and it showcases a different side of their universe than we’ve seen before. Also, female rep.


I thikn I might die of happiness. First of all, there’s just More Females In General. Second, they’re not all princesses, bystanders, and normal people. They’re warriors. Strong in body and mind. Most movies only have one (1) female who is the Love Interest and serves no greater purpose than to wear bikinis and get captured by the Strong Male Hero. But Black Panther shows us just how ridiculous that is. DEFY THE CULTURE. RESHAPE SOCIETY. BE AWESOME.

Infinity War


May 4

*deep breath* *screams into abyss*


I get chills just looking at the poster. I quite frankly don’t think I’ll be able to grasp the reality that this film is actually happening until I’m sitting in a darkened theatre watching the Actual Steve Rogers cast shade on modern society. AND BUCKY. AND NATASHA. AND E V E R Y T H I N G

Solo: A Star Wars Story


May 25

Still waiting for an actual poster. Is it literally going to be released in May?? Because I’ve hardly heard anything about this story. I don’t know how I feel about this film, but it’s Star Wars, so it’s definitely on the list.


I’m kind of salty about the fact that they’d even try to make a movie about THE Han Solo when Harrison Ford is alive and well, but I’m not particularly against it either, so…

The Incredibles II


June 15

GIVE US A TRAILER. WE’VE BEEN WAITING FIVE HUNDRED YEARS. I have two feelings about this movie: a) FINALLY, I LOVE the Incredibles and I can’t WAIT to see them again, because Family and Powers and Altogether Awesomeness, but b) you had the opportunity to make Dash a proud, charming, superpowered teenager and you didn’t.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom


June 22

I mean, it’s not like I’m surprised that the dinosaurs are still around?? But I’m also not like “I WONDER WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN”. Dinosaurs smash. People scream. I’m just concerned that there’s not going to be any other plot.


But, even if it is just a lot of smashing and roaring and screaming, sometimes you need a good destruction movie. And it’s filmed partially on Kauai, so you get great location shots.

Ant-man and the Wasp


July 6

This poster actually looks like the logo on a can of bug spray, and that makes me laugh. I’m beyond excited to see Evangeline Lilly’s Wasp character- she’s going to be incredible. And the Wasp costume is 7 million times better than the Ant-Man costume.


Mission: Impossible 6


July 27

I think we can all agree that Tom Cruise is past his time, but that doesn’t stop him from starring in his own movies. Literally I just want to see Henry Cavill’s mustache?? But apart from that, another Mission Impossible movie sounds kind of… monotonous.

Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2


November 21

Wreck-It Ralph surprised me. I went into it extremely cynical- a stupid movie about video game characters?? This was going to be a horrible waste of time. Then, you know, I ended up crying over a broken go-kart. So I’m excited to see what happens in this film, because the virtual world is huge space that animation hasn’t explored too much.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse


December 14

This movie could easily be the one I’m most excited about, except there’s Death Cure and Infinity War and Black Panther and I know where my loyalties lie. But this movie??? I think it’s going to be really good. I didn’t know anything about it until the trailer popped up on my facebook one day, so I watched it, and suddenly I was introduced to this beautiful thing. And guys- SPIDER GWEN WILL PROBS BE THERE.


Here are some other films I’m excited for:

  • March 30 – Ready Player One – I don’t know much about this film, but I’ve heard good things about it. So we’ll see.
  • November 2 – The Nutcracker and the Four Realms – I’m getting a Tim Burton vibe, which I don’t like. But I’m willing to try it.
  • December 25 – Mary Poppins Returns – Emily Blunt is a queen, and Lin-Manuel is in it, so I kinda HAVE to see it.
  • December 21 – Aquaman – I haven’t seen Justice League, but my friends say the character is underdeveloped. Good news- time for the Coolest Character in the League to shine.
  • December 21 – Bumblebee  – Transformers has a reputation for being extremely disappointing, but Bumblebee is an adorable little yellow bug, and cars that can turn into cooler cars is a really appealing notion for someone like me who was an ol’ Suzuki with a broken door handle and crank windows.

So, 2018 is looking like a great year! What movies are you excited for?SaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSave




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  1. Yay for Ant Man and the Avengers (though I’m still not okay with Cap having a beard and Natasha’s hair being blonde….I get that they’re undercover, but STILL.) And yeah, out of all the possible Star Wars stories, did we *really* need a Han Solo one while Harrison Ford is still alive? But I’m being cautiously optimistic…Lovely post!!


  2. Yeah, Nat’s hair is a little WOW but she’s so amazing that I’m okay with it. Thanks for the comment!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Great selection of movies! I think it’s fair to say that I am excited for most of those as well, except maybe the Maze Runner and Mission Impossible sequel. Those two unfortunately don’t do anything for me. When I last posted about the Death Cure, we kind of just all agreed that we had forgotten those movies even existed hahaha but I am sorry, I didn’t mean to be rude about it. I am glad you are looking forward to it and I hope it will be the conclusion to the movies you are looking for 😀


  4. Thanks for the comment! And if the Maze Runner movies aren’t your jam, hey, no problem 🙂 it’s good to like different things. And this year definitely has a lot of different movies to pick from!!


  5. whOA i have a lot of movies i need to watch now xD I’M BEYOND HYPED FOR SOLO BECAUSE HE’S LIKE MY FAVOURITE CHARACTER AND A WHOLE MOVIE ABOUT HIM!! (guess you could say he’s getting a… SOLO movie *finger guns*)

    i’m also really excited to watch love, simon!! it’s the adaptation of one of my favourite books of all time and the author says its great and the actors say its great and the trailer is great aND IT COMES OUT THE DAY MY EXAMS GET OVER

    i hope 2018 makes me proud :’)


  6. I saw the trailer for Love, Simon, and it looks really good! AND YAY FOR SCHOOL ENDING GIFTS!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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