Heroism – Don’t Fight Me, Fight Each Other, You Little Pretzels

I’m at the middle of the book. You probably already know that the middle of any book or series is always the boring part, because it’s not the Big Beautiful Introduction, and it’s not the Tear-Inducing Climax of Death: it’s just the MIDDLE. It’s stuff happening, but not necessarily the coolest greatest hurrah, and it’s characterization, but not super InTeReStInG, and it’s just LONG and it’s the MIDDLE and as hard as READING that stuff is:



I feel like every sentence I write is fighting against me. I’m running uphill as it is, and this cruel first draft is throwing rocks at me. I know, I know, that’s part of the game. But boy, is it tough.

The thing is, since I’m doing just as much rewriting as editing, the storyline is changing. Not in huge ways- the basic structure of the story is the same- but in little ways that are surprisingly significant. These kinds of changes are so hard to keep track of, but they can majorly affect the way my characters respond to the situations they’re in. So I have to keep track.


I’m realizing that I can’t just sit down and pound the keys- I have to get in the headspace of my characters before writing out their life. I’m trying to let myself breathe, give the book a break, take a step back- but at the same time power through, dive right in, swim against the current. It’s as hard as it sounds. But buckle up, because I’ve made it this far, so I’m gonna keep going.

Current Page Count: 219




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  1. You can do it, Katie, I BELIEVE IN YOU.


  2. Thank you sponge 😢 if you believe in me, I have no choice but to KEEP GOING. (Annnd I actually am making SOME progress today, so YAY.)

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  3. Huzzah for progress! I am so excited about this!!!


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