7 Theories About The Last Jedi

In a month, my world will once again be an explosion of Star Wars feels™. (Not that it isn’t always an explosion of star wars feels, but this will be a special time.) I’m pretty sure The Last Jedi will destroy me, but I’m not exactly sure how. I have some theories, though.

1) Rey is NOT a Skywalker.


Contrary to the post I wrote last year called 7 Clues That Rey is a Skywalker, I’m starting to think she’s NOT a Skywalker, and here’s why. For one thing, the movie already has its Skywalker lead- Kylo Ren. For another thing, there’s no need for her to be a Skywalker and to make her one would just be Extra and unnecessary.

My biggest problem with this theory is that Maz says “That lightsaber called to Luke, and it called to his father, and now it calls to you.” Like, can you scream SHE’S A SKYWALKER any louder?? But even with this line, I think it’s highly possible that Rey’s not a Skywalker, not a Kenobi, not anyone’s descendant. She might just be her own super-cool self.

Oh, and my other problem? This still from Episode 5: this picture of LUKE’s face: looks EXACTLY like Rey:


2) Rey turns to the Dark Side.


Rey has this insane amount of power, and it’s been inside her for years. In episode 7, that power was awakened. And now she’s gone to Luke to get help on how to use this power. But from the trailer it looks like Luke won’t or can’t or is too afraid to train her when he sees that raw power.


So where will Rey turn? Maybe to the person who said YOU NEED A TEACHER?!?! Which leads me to my third theory…



Number one reason why I would be totally okay with Rey NOT being a Skywalker? Reylo could become canon.


I don’t care if it happens or not, Kylo Ren and Rey are drawn to each other and are two halves of something.

4) Kylo Ren turns to the Light Side.


Anakin/Vader was redeemed at the end… the VERY END. He lived, like, three seconds of Light Side Life before he died. What I’m really hoping to see is the redemption of someone from the Dark Side who turns into a super-cool protagonist boss man. Congratulations, Matt the Radar Technician, you just got promoted to boss man.

5) Kylo Ren saves Rey from Snoke.


So from the trailer, we know that Rey is tortured or something by Snoke. AND we know that Kylo gets his fight on at some point with his snazzy lightsaber.


My theory is that he figures out Snoke has Rey and knows what he’ll do to her, so Scarface grabs his unfinished saber and runs to the battle to challenge Snoke.

6) Rey replaces Kylo Ren as Snoke’s Apprentice*


(*Is he an apprentice??) Whatever Kylo is, Snoke is his supreme leader, and I’m pretty sure Snoke will feel the strength of Rey’s power and turn his attentions to her. Kylo Ren will inevitably feel betrayed and rejected, and this could result in (A) him seeking revenge and destroying a lot of stuff, or (B) turning to the Light Side and running into his mommy’s arms.

7) Luke will herd up his Precious Powerful Bean Children (AKA Rey & Ben) and fly away in the Falcon to live happily ever after.


Yeah, I don’t really think this theory is very probable.


The only thing I’m really certain of with The Last Jedi is that it’s going to blow my mind. At the end of The Force Awakens I thought I knew what could happen, what would probably happen, what everything was pointing towards. BUT THEN THEY RELEASED THE TRAILER AND I REALIZED HOW WRONG I WAS. They took everything I expected and smashed it to pieces. I’m ridiculously excited to have my mind blown when this movie comes to theaters.





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  1. I am pretty sure that at some point R2-D2 is going to teach Ben Solo how to make Skittle muffins. That is my theory.


  2. I WANT REYLO SO BAD. I DON’T WANT TO BE RATIONAL ABOUT THIS. I just want it to HAPPEN please……..but spastic freak-out fangirling aside, this was a great post! I don’t think Rey’s a Skywalker just because storytelling-wise it’s too obvious, and there’s no legitimate POINT to making her Luke’s daughter or whatever (other than shock value, but they already did that in the OT with the whole “she’s your SISTER Luke” thing and it’d look stupid to repeat that). I wouldn’t mind if Rey was a Kenobi somehow though…it would give Rey/Kylo some interesting parallels to Anakin/Obi-Wan.


  3. Yeah- I totally agree! At this point I don’t care who Rey is, because she’s amazing all on her own. But I do wonder if they’ll explain WHERE she got the Force.

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  4. Yeah just by the nature of the franchise I think she’s going to get SOME sort of backstory. The majority of people are expecting it at this point, and they wouldn’t tease at her “mysterious orgins” if they didn’t mean to eventually explain it.


  5. Wow! You had a lot of accurate predictions!

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  6. Except that last one 😂

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