The Top Five Movies From My Childhood

You know those movies that you can always return to, the ones that give you warm fuzzy feelings inside? There are movies I’ve watched for years and years, the ones that were my bread and butter when I was kid, and I’m pretty sure they’ll always have a special place in my heart.

Some of them, in fact, are still viable options on our movie shelf. So for the ones that we still enjoy watching, I’ve labeled them with #stillwatching.

1. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers


This movie shaped my perspective on life. 50% of who I am comes from Seven Brides. The qualities I search for in guys are (a) tall as church steeples, (b) rugged good looks, (c) one of seven brothers.


Also, Millie is the original Queen, and she slays wherever she goes. And can I please have all the girls’ dresses because they’re AMAZING.

We actually watched this yesterday, so of course #stillwatching.

2. Scamper the Penguin


Because, penguin.

3. Wee Sing Under the Sea

I don’t think this is supposed to creepy but… it’s creepy.


Except now, it’s so clearly obvious that they were Not Actually Underwater, and my grown-up heart breaks a little.

Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 4.20.56 PM.png

4. Barbie Nutcracker


This holiday classic will never go out of style. (Literally, I think we watched this last Christmas.) First, ballet princess. Second, Barbie.

Third, sNoW fAIrIeS!!!



5. Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron

why isn’t my hair this glorious

I still get chills when he makes The Jump. (Except we have the full-screen version so that closeup is cropped in waaay too far.) First, Hans Zimmer did the music. Second, Matt Damon voices Spirit. Third, it’s about a majestically beautiful horse.



What movies did you grow up? What movies do you still continue to watch to this day?




Add yours →

  1. I used to watch The Neverending Story a lot as a child. Strangely upon a more recent viewing I did not find the heart wrenching scenes quite as heart wrenching as I remembered them. I still love Bastien though.
    As an even smaller child I was enraptured by The Enchanted World of Brambly Hedge which was about British mice, but I haven’t seen it in many years and it may not be as amazing as I recall it being. But it probably is.
    My only question is why do you not still watch Scamper the Penguin.


  2. BRITISH MICE?!?!? That sounds beautiful.
    And, you know, Scamper has a way of never truly leaving you. So even though I’m not still watching, I’m #stillsinging.

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