The First Annual Protagonist Awards (Part Two)

Welcome back to the biggest* Awards party of the year, The Protagonist Awards! Last week we held the first part of this ceremony- let’s look back at some of the most memorable moments:

Steve Rogers was overjoyed when we announced his win.
Han Solo, another contender for the award of “Most Salty”, was visibly upset when the win went to Leonard McCoy.

Today we’re wrapping up the ceremony with the last five awards-  Most Irresponsible, Most Underappreciated, Most Whiney, Best Non-Human, and Best Sassmaster. And we have two BONUS categories, Best Animated Character (Male) and Best Animated Character (Female).

*not actually the biggest.

1. Most Irresponsible


Captain James T. Kirk

“This isn’t about the whole Kobayashi thing… is it?” he asked at the microphone.

2. Most Underappreciated


Anakin Skywalker

Skywalker took the award, but only said one sentence in his speech. “I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”

3. Most Whiney

luke skywalker binary sunset.jpg

Luke Skywalker

Skywalker was laughing as he came to the stage. “I am a Jedi like my father before me,” he said, nodding at his father in the audience, “but a much better public speaker!” He had to be politely escorted from stage after a lengthy acceptance speech.

4. Best Non-Human



It was necessary to take a commercial break after we announced Vision’s win, because all the droids in the audience created an enormous uproar over their loss.

5. Best Sassmaster



No one was surprised when Spock came to the stage and said “Fascinating” as he accepted his award.

AND NOW, our Bonus Categories!

The contenders for these awards all collectively refused invitations to the ceremony. Making the jump between dimensions would have been too much of an ordeal. However, we were happy to award them just the same, and their awards will be shipped to them directly following the ceremony.

Best Animated Character (Male)


Tadashi Hamada

Although Hamada was unable to join us in person, he celebrated with us via a live feed and was thrilled to accept his award.

Best Animated Character (Female)


Anastasia (Anya)

The heiress had a previous engagement to attend to, but wrote “I am honored by your consideration. I feel as though I’ve finally found my family.”

And thus concludes the first Annual Protagonist Awards! As opposed to our last ceremony, the Villains Awards, the afterparty at this ceremony was extremely enjoyable and stretched long into the night.

Join us next year for another annual* celebration!

*definitely not annual.





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