10 Reasons to Buy Books + I’ve Never Regretted Buying a Nice Hardcover

I’m a typical Barnes & Noble slave like the rest of you. I walk in, I see those gorgeous novels, and I can’t just leave without dropping a couple dozen dollars to adopt those beauties.


The thing is, my favorite books is a  v e r y  s m a l l  chasm. Which is weird- but true. As much as I love books, I probably have only ten favorite books. Which means I already own all of my favorites. I own all my favorites and then some, but that leaves me with a burning question- what do I do now?

I have no excuse to buy more books, because all the ones that I’ve read and loved, I’ve already bought. So now, that world of books that I have excuses to buy, and that world of books that I don’t own, are separate worlds. I’m too slow of a reader to just wait until those worlds collide again. (It’s true- I love books, but I’m actually kind of a slow reader.)



But then it occurred to me: on the occasions that I have bought new books without reading them first, I have never been disappointed. And at used book sales, when I’ve bought books for a buck and ended up disliking the stories, I still don’t regret that dollar that I spent.

So here’s a couple great excuses reasons for buying more books:

  1. My bookshelf is too empty and I need to fatten it up.
  2. The cover of this book is g o r g e o u s and blesses my bookshelf with its presence.
  3. The synopsis is interesting, so I might as well add it to the mountain of TBR.
  4. I’m feeling sad and need books to sustain me.
  5. If a burglar steps into my house I want him to mistake it as a library and leave.
  6. What if I die tomorrow? I might as well buy that book today. I won’t need my massive savings of 10 dollars anyway when I’m dead.
  7. This book is by an author I like.
  8. This book is in a genre I like.
  9. I’ve seen and heard a lot about this book, so it must be at least 5% interesting.
  10. This is a book. Therefore, I will buy it.


Go, my bookworms. Be free. Buy books.



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  1. “I would love to go shopping too, but we have no money.”
    I want to buy books (not that I have room for any more on my shelf) but lack of funds prevents this happy occurrence.
    These are great excuses- I mean reasons- to buy books though!


  2. Riley = Me. If only I had the Gates’ family’s edition of Common Sense, then I would have all the funds I need to buy more books.

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