My Dream Roles and Why I Want to Play Them

Complex and creative characters grace the silver screen every day, but there’s still a world of characters yet to be discovered and portrayed.

Over the years that I’ve been pursuing theatre, I’ve developed a taste for certain characters- normally they’re just as salty as I am, but sometimes they’re even saltier- and now I have a list of all the roles I want to play.

It’s actually a short list, but seeing as most of the characters are younger than me, I’m running out of time to play any of them. I’m not a huge fan of 20+ year olds playing high schoolers (High School Musical ruined me), so I need to get a wiggle on if I want to accomplish half the list.

My Dream Roles (2017)


  • Spider-Gwen. If you’ve followed this blog for .2 seconds or glanced at my Instagram, it’s pretty obvious that my life goal is to play Gwen Stacy. I know that she technically lives in a parallel universe to Spider-Man, so the chances of her becoming a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are slim, but it’s movies. They can change whatever they want.


  • A female Sith Lord. Sith lords are metal, man. And come on, where’s the female representation?? At least we have Captain Phasma in the new episode, but that’s not enough. I know there are female Sith lords in the TV series and the books, but THE EPISODES. Give me a red lightsaber and the ability to force choke my victims. (The one problem with this dream role is that I’m afraid my face isn’t evil enough to play a villain. But hey, Hayden Christensen is about as scary as the Cookie Monster, so.)


  • Maddie (Code Name Verity). Actually, if I could play anyone from Code Name Verity, I would want to play Queenie, but she’s supposed to be short and Scottish. So I’ll play her taller, loyal bestie and continue to love Queenie with a vengeance. Problem with this dream role: I don’t think a movie could ever do the story justice. They’d have to approach the story so differently, which I’d be okay with, but it could hardly be called a book adaptation.


  • Anastasia. I love love love Anastasia. She’s so salty and smart and a-maz-ing, but Rasputin is… not my favorite. My friends saw Anastasia on Broadway and said it was fabulous + no Rasputin with his removable body limbs, and my eyes were opened to the possibility of a live-action Anastasia film, and THEN I COULD SING JOURNEY TO THE PAST AND CRY.


  • 51iCeb6lgUL._SX342_BO1,204,203,200_.jpgImogen (The Ascendance Trilogy). This was my very first dream role, and I was dedicated to it for 7 thousand years. Then I got older, and they cancelled the movie adaptation, and I moved on. I would still love to play this role, though.


  • 51LZ92PQ4NL._SY346_Sage (The Traitor’s Kiss). I just read this book, like, a month ago, so it hasn’t had time to settle in yet. But I did like the character- mainly because she was so independent. However, I think she’s supposed to be short, and there’s really no chance of me ever being called ‘short’.


  • 20160417-9-v9y3h2.pngA Disney Princess. I wanted to be Belle SO BADLY, and I actually still want to be Belle because- well, it’s not that I hate Emma Watson, but… I HATE THAT SHE PLAYED BELLE. She looked like she didn’t want to be there?? I’m also extremely attached to the original, and I’m bitter that they didn’t include the song “Home” from the Broadway version. But since Belle has already been done, I’m switching my Disney Princess dream… maybe to Ariel. Maybe??

This list is ever-changing, but hopefully someday I can mark some of them off. What about you? What are your dreams?



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  1. Playing Anastasia would be so fantastic. I love her character and the songs she gets to sing are BEAUTIFUL. Have you heard the song “In My Dreams” that they added for the Broadway version? *chills*
    Honestly, half the roles I want to play are… my own characters. I seriously shut myself up in my bedroom and do half-dramatized readings under my breath. They would be so fun to play because they all have such issues.


  2. *cries* YESSS MY OWN CHARACTERS!! All I have to do is be published, be a bestseller getoptionedforfilmbecomeamoviegetcastasmyowncharacterandwatcheverythingcrashandburn

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  3. Most of my dream roles are so beyond my actual physical abilities that it is sad. (Ender Wiggin, Jean Valjean, Justin, Marcus….sensing the theme here?) Some that are a bit more within reason include Jane Eyre, (but she is an alto, and I am…not) Anastasia, (YES! Broadway Anastasia is fantastic!) Eowyn, (because tragedy- and brilliant swordsmanship! Who doesn’t want that?) and Orual from Till We Have Faces by C.S. Lewis. And playing my own characters would be extremely amazing! Movie adaptions of my stories are coming any day now…


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