The Only TV Show I’ve Watched and Why

People always rant and rave about the many wonderful tv shows they’ve watched, and how their lives are spiraling into an emotional oblivion of fandom feels because of the characters, the storylines, all that jazz. And I’ve wanted to dive in and join them- who doesn’t love heartbreak and tears*?

*only when it’s connected to fandom. pls no real life heartbreak.

I’ve tried, believe me, to watch all these things I’ve heard about- Agents of Shield. The Crown. Once Upon a Time. Gilmore Girls.

Untitled collage.jpg

I made it through one whole SEASON of OUAT!! That’s an accomplishment!

Then I DIED because it was just… so… 😐.

So when it comes to me and tv shows, I’m skeptical. TV shows have a tendency to be boring, bad acting, pointless conflict, lots of melodrama, and annoying people. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’m an unforgiving grapesicle.

But then, of all things, I happened upon an Australian tv show with low expectations and even lower mercy. I was ready to shred this kid’s show to pieces. Especially with that DORKY NAME:


Dance Academy.

Then I watched it all and I died.

I officially completed all the stereotypical tv show fandom bucket list stuff!! Binge watching for hours on end! Crying like a baby at That One Episode! Shipping characters LEFT and RIGHT and UPSIDE-DOWN.


I may be biased, and since I know what it’s like to hate shows that other people love, don’t be afraid to hate this show that I love. I get it. It’s chill, man.

But let’s list the things I like about this show.


First of all, although the relationships in this show are kind of crazy back-and-forth and i-date-you-and-then-you-and-then-you, the friendships are semi-realistic. The way they interact with each other, especially as the show progresses, is relatable. I act that way with my friends.


I like when the ‘mean’ characters are served justice. Not that any of the antagonists in this show are thrown in jail- that’d be unrealistic. Their lives part ways because they’re wrong or rude or just downright mean, and the characters don’t get along.


I love the DANCE. All the actors can actually dance- whaaat?!?!?! No dance doubles or anything STUPID like that. I mean, when you have a show dedicated to dance, you really should have your actors dancing, right? Right. Thank you Dance Academy.


And last but not least- They all have Australian accents. Ay mate?


Have you watched Dance Academy? Do you have any fabulous TV show suggestions? Comment and tell me!



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  1. I may not have watched Dance Academy, but SHERLOCK CAN DANCE. This skill doesn’t come in much use in the crime-fighting business unfortunately….


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