Cinematic Appreciation: The Hunger Games

CINEMATIC APPRECIATION OBJECTIVE: I love movies. They are a combination of every art form- visual and audible, textures and colors and singing and talking and everything beautiful. So I thought I would take some time to fully appreciate the films that capture my heart the most.

Each film is scored on several different levels:

CGI (Computer Generated Images, or basically special effects): 0 being terrible and 10 being phenomenal.

COSTUMING AND MAKEUP (speaks for itself): 0 being inaccurate and 10 being perfect.

SCREENPLAY (script): 0 being filled with plot holes and 10 being flawless.

CASTING (even extras!): 0 being meh and 10 being EVEN THE PERSON ON THE SIDEWALK WAS IN CHARACTER!!!

MUSIC (soundtrack): 0 being a detraction from the film and 10 being an advantage.

And, finally, OVERALL FEELS (my fangirling emotions): 0 being none and 10 being I-can’t-breathe.

I volunteer as tribute to watch these movies on repeat for the rest of time.


Starring Jennifer Lawrence, Josh the Hutch, and Thor’s brother

CGI: 7 out of 10

Considering that this movie is the first of the franchise (therefore, the budget was limited to what the studios were willing to put up and not affected by the success of predecessors), it’s really good. But there are still a few moments where I sigh and think “wow, what a beautiful greenscreen.”

Namely, when the tributes names are in the air each night and the mutts at the end of the arena. But the most disappointing is the GIRL ON FIRE MOMENT.


Whaaatt happened. I am severely disappointed. It looks like you taped streamers to the back of your costume. At least they did better in the second movie.


Because I love almost all of the costumes in this movie. I think they succeeded in showing the strange eccentricities of the Capitol fashion, buuuut… shall we return to the girl-on-fire moment?


THEY’RE JUST UGLY. I can’t think of them as awesome-sauceome like the Capitol crowd thinks because they’re not. They look like a lizard threw up on them. This moment was supposed to be SO GLORIOUS AND I’M SO BITTER THAT YOU MESSED IT UP.

I’ll console myself, however, because everything else is fab:

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 8.45.26 AM.png

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 9.01.15 AM.png

SCREENPLAY: 9 out of 10.



I don’t think they succeeded at all in showing Katniss and Prim’s relationship- that their mother had failed them, that Katniss had to step up and take care of Prim, etc.

BUT there are SOOO MANY GOOD LINES. My personal favorite (don’t ask why) is when Effie announces Prim as the tribute. There’s something about the static of the microphone and the cadence of her voice that mAkEs mE wANt tO dIEEEEE


CASTING: 10 of out 10



And the rest of you were all awesome. J-Law, and Liam, and RUUUUUE I LOVED YOU and Effie is the most perfect Effie ever and Haymitch is the most perfect Haymitch possible and CAESAR FLICKERMAN.


Most. Perfect. Casting. Ever. As a friend said to me, never has there been a more accurate book-to-screen adaptation of a character.


Annnnnd let’s just take a moment to appreciate the scribbles Jennifer has drawn on her tablecloth.

MUSIC: 23540784 of out 10.

James Newton Howard, y’all.

OVERALL FEELS: please marry me peeta out of 10


And please die snow because you’re hurting all my children


Snow is evil and the gamemakers are swaggy and the Capitol is cray-cray and the games are cruel and Peeta is bread and Katniss is wonderful and she sings The Song to Rue and we all start crying.


And we don’t stop crying.

Get the kleenexes, because there’s three more movies and the last one’s definitely gonna rip your heart out.



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  1. RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUE!!! Because of this poor child I will cry forever.


  2. I really want to watch the movies! Those costumes are out of this world! 🙂 Great review!


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