Media Mix-Up 3

So apparently you can’t recover from school in five days.

I thought I could, but I’m still a puddle. Still waiting for cheesecake to sustain me.

Well, that’s not completely true. I have been recovering. It’s called “therapy”. Actually it’s called “reading” and “eating cereal”, but whatever. And anyway, there are other forms of sustenance. My latest picks?


R.I.P. me.



I literally printed this off and put it on my wall and every morning when I’m getting dressed I see it and am encouraged that the world is still good.


If you haven’t already seen this- You’re welcome. Your life has just become 276% better.

In other news, it was only 5 degrees above freezing the other day. So yay summer. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE COME DEFEAT THE WHITE WITCH BECAUSE I’M SICK OF THIS ETERNAL WINTER.


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