The 5 Best Things about Summer

So technically it’s spring, but spring is basically just a transition phase from winter to summer, right? Each day has been getting warmer and warmer (except those crazy days where it’s NOT) and hope springs anew with each warm breeze.

Summer’s my favorite season. Sure, winter is fun and holidays are great, and autumn is beautiful and sweaters are life, but you just CAN’T BEAT THE SUMMER HEAT.

The 5 Best Things About Summer:

1. Summer clothes.


I’m talking shorts, tank tops, flip flops, NO JACKETS!! NO SOCKS!!! NO HATS AND GLOVES!!!!

2. Summer food. Potato chips, burgers, hot dogs, ice cream, salad- okay, maybe not salad? But maybe yes salad. Smoothies, watermelon, sandwiches in plastic bags that you take with you to the beach, the taste of sunscreen and bug spray-



3. Summer swimming:


*I TOOK THIS VIDEO!! I MADE IT INTO A GIF!!! Please applaud me for being awesomezzz*

Because swimming is the best and I love all watery waterness and lakes and rivers and oceans-

4. Speaking of oceans, summer vacation. Beach, mountains, city, or otherwise, vacation is always a good idea.


Bonus points if you get to go to an ocean that is (a) swimmable and (b) actually warm enough to swim in.

5. Summer isn’t a ‘batteries-not-included’ kinda package. It’s got alllll the benefits.


Look at how happy we are. Does school make us smile like that? No. How about summer?

There’s no ice. No snow. There’s sunshine, birds singing, NO SCHOOL!!!! The sun stays out until 9pm, the smell of barbecues waft through the air, the grass between your toes and the sun on your face.

Long story short: summer is perfect.




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  1. This is truly the most optimistic thing I have seen in a long time. I needed that sudden unexpected dash of optimism. Thank you. :p


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