I’m Back + NYC + Writing Thoughts

I kind of forgot I had a blog there for a minute, but that’s okay because I was East-Coastin’ it, baby, and it. was. FABULOUS. Except that every sandwich was $8+ and I got real tired of buying such expensive bread. *sigh*.

BUT WHO CARES? It was NYC, extortionate prices are part of the game.


So anyway, three and a half days and thirty miles of walking later, my feet are still recovering and my mind exploded a long time ago. We went to Liberty Island, the 9/11 museum, two broadway shows, Central Park, Carnegie Hall, rode the subway a whole bunch, ate lots of pizza, and strolled through the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

I DID NOT KNOW THAT THIS PICTURE WAS SO HUGE. It was kind of fabulous even though all I was thinking was “ah look, it’s Chris Jackson.”

The city’s crawling with Hamilton references and National Treasure locations and Marvel sites. So, you know, we did all that dorky stuff to recreate it.

Here’s a picture of me in my natural habitat, lugging a video camera around Central Park and filming low quality video of all the biggest tourist attractions like some lame person who’s visiting NY for the first time in their life pfffttt thatdescriptiondoesntdescribeme.

P1030723 2.JPG

So we went to a new Broadway show, “The Play That Goes Wrong”, fresh off of the West End and absolutely fabulous. If you’re in NY? Go see it. Go see it.

And go to the stage door, because the cast is comprised of peanuts who not only signed our programs but struck up conversations and were pretty much perf.

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 9.00.30 PM.png

(Also they have British accents.)

As for writing thoughts? I’ve been reading my fanfictions, and although anytime I stumble across a typo I cringe like an inchworm and die, I keep getting ridiculously happy because I was clever or something? I just really love my stories, which is great because it means I’m proud of what I did. To a certain extent I write for myself. I read my own work because I enjoy it.

The semester is almost over for me, but still, four weeks feels like a long time when you’re staring at a list of homework assignments. I’m excited, though- soon I can dive back into writing my book. *cries happy tears because I’m actually an emotional wreck*

Two days since I got home from New York City, four weeks until I’m done with the semester…

Let’s do this.


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