Welcome to New York

Tomorrow, I’m heading to the greatest city in the world. I’m going to NEW YORK CITY for the first time in my life, and needless to say, I’m bursting at the seams. I actually don’t think I fully understand it yet. I’m not sure when I will.

And no, I’m not going to see Hamilton. Because I don’t have seven million dollars to spare. But I’m definitely going to the Richard Rodgers, so I can touch the stage doors that Lin himself has touched and stand on the steps that Daveed Diggs himself has stood and BASICALLY COMPLETE 50% OF MY BUCKET LIST IN TWENTY MINUTES.


Going to New York has made me realize how many movies are set in New York. Newsies. Enchanted. The Nanny Diaries. The Avengers. 4800923850923724+ other things. Going to New York has also made me realize how I’ve never been to a big city before?? And all my clothes look old and not fab?? Help?

Since music is 4000% important, I have a Theme Song (because every great trip has a theme song, right?).

(it’s Welcome to New York by Taylor Swift but apparently copyright has taken it down from Youtube??)

SO WISH ME GOOD TRAVELS. Maybe a Broadway producer will see my face and say, “Ah-ha, she’s the one I need,” and then I can just stay and become a star instead of coming home and doing school.

Prepare yourself, NYC. Here I come.

FOLLOW MY INSTAGRAM FOR NEW YORK FABULOUSNESS! (look for #queenstakenyc because the queens are takin’ nyc y’all.)



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