Heroism : 3, 5, 10

I made serious plans for Spring Break.


Good news- I actually did it! So many times I tell myself to write in my book, and I just don’t get around to it. The good news is, when there’s no homework to get in the way, my book gets precedence.


There are some amazing things happening around here. There are some amazing numbers we should discuss:

3. It’s been almost 3 years since I started my therapy writing my book. I love it to pieces. I rip my heart into shreds and feed it into my book.

5. I have officially started Notebook #5. Sure, 3 and 4 are missing half their innards due to Extreme Re-Writes, but we don’t talk about that. I keep all the pages I tore out because that’s my soul.



There are ten main characters in my book.

Word of advice. Never try to have that large of a cast. *shudders* it’s painful.

BUT I LOVE ALL MY CHILDREN EQUALLY. Nick, Penelope, Patrick, and *squints at smudged writing on hand* beetle wax.

(chortles at my own inside joke) (nervously glances around because no one will understand my joke) (begins to feel guilty because I made a joke that literally no one understands and now everyone will feel left out)

(starts to feel left out because I’m the only one who gets the joke)

The bad news is I’m back in school and turning into a trash can. The good news is, even terrible progress is progress. And I’m definitely making progress.



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  1. CHARLIE!!!
    That is now my inside joke.
    Except he is not a joke he is a pool of sadness.


  2. And it’s really not as inside as your inside joke. It’s partially inside, like…a covered porch joke.


  3. I make so many covered porch jokes you could find shelter under them.


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