The Costumes From Star Wars Are Even Better In Person

Last week (when I was mysteriously vacant but it wasn’t that mysterious because it was only a week) I went to Denver and I had 2 major goals.

  1. See the mermaid show at the Denver Aquarium
  2. Go to the Star Wars Costume exhibit at the art museum.

I didn’t get to see the mermaids (#sad), but that hardly matters because sTaR WaRS cOStUMeSSSSSS.


From the second I stepped into the exhibit and heard those themes rippling through the air, I knew I was in for an unforgettable experience.


This was the moment all the feels swelled inside me. (yeah. two seconds in and I was already a bag of jello.) It was so incredible to see this iconic costume so close. To see the faded cloth, the scuffed boots, the aging leather. Thirty-something years ago this exact thing was being worn by Carrie Fisher as they made one of the most famous movies to ever exist.

Speaking of iconic…



It’s so indescribable to see these costumes in real life- for my eyes to take in the textures, colors, the fold of the fabric. Especially since we’ve all seen them for years in the films.

Some of them, we haven’t seen for years. Some of them haven’t been around as long:


THEY EVEN HAD REY’S STAFF AAGRGEIUHKJFBKSASDFGHJLK. Also, Po’s jacket was absolutely amazing.

I considered reaching out and touching these things but there were museum workers posted in each section, so, you know… I figured that might be against the rules.


BB-8 isn’t technically a costume?? And you know, it’s funny, he was bigger in person than I expected. (Also there was an infographic that said in original concept art for R2, they wanted to make him round like BB-8 but didn’t have the technology for it yet. SOME PEOPLE JUST HAVE SO MUCH VISION I CAN’T HANDLE IT.)

Then I reached the hallway of dreams.


*explodes into river of tears*


Padmé pretty much represents everything that costumes are for Star Wars. I was so starstruck by the intricacy of each piece, the elegance, the diversity. They were beautiful.

Of course, the exhibit had to finish with the most iconic pieces of all- Yoda and Vader.

Then I exited the exhibit and entered aN ENTIRE GIFT SHOP DEDICATED TO ALL THINGS STAR WARS. Which is a fabulous ploy to make people buy $5 hot topic merch for $20 bucks because they are experiencing feels the size of Manhattan over their favorite space movies.

I bought $5 hot topic merch for $20 bucks.


The Star Wars costume exhibit is still traveling- check out the website here to see if it’s coming anywhere near you. Because if it is- go. YOU HAVE TO GO. It’s the most incredible thing ever.


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