Media Mix-Up 2

School has me running so fast lately that I can’t even tie my shoelaces.

However, priorities. So I still have my proper dosage of media to keep me going strong in life. Even though there are piles of homework on every side reaching out to suffocate me, I know what’s more important.

Music, obviously. Music keeps me sane. Music keeps me from plummeting into darkness.

What’s been blasting through my speakers lately? You’re about to find out.


Every time I think “I DESPERATELY NEED NEW DANCE MUSIC”, I stumble across something new. And listen to it at the highest decibel my ear can handle.

Music ain’t the only thing holding me up. School Remedies also include limited Pinterest breaks.


Text posts complete my life.

And finally, you can listen and read to your heart’s content, but the last ingredient to curing Deep Set School Depression is that wonderful thing called film.


This is actually inspiring?? Like, thank you car commercial, for brightening my life.

Don’t let homework drown you. As stressful as it might be, STOP and LISTEN to music. Recharge. Relax. And GO.

For extra inspiration read Lin Manuel’s twitter. *drops mic* My job is done here.


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