Heroism: Hit the Books

My book is a living organism. I type up rough drafts, I write some more. I write in a notebook, then on the computer, then back to the notebook.

For a long time, I’ve been typing up Part 3 of my novel, although at some point the story line changed enough that it became all new material and no ‘typing up’. After about 50 pages of beating my head against the keyboard, I realized-

“This is all new stuff. I can go back to writing in a notebook and give my eyeballs a break from the screen.”

SO I DID IT. I made the jump (which is always the hardest thing for me, because there’s a division) and I’m writing in a notebook now.

Now I’ve written so much in the two places that I’m developing a whole bunch of completely unnecessary strong opinions about them. So which one do I prefer? Which one is easier?

There are pros and cons to each.


  • I can scratch my thoughts and sudden future plotlines that pop into my head on the margins
  • I can take it with me anywhere
  • Battery never dies and brightness never bothers my eyes
  • Writing slower improves my writing, I think. Gives me more time to formulate sentences.
  • Lets me practice my handwriting. I’ve gotten complemented on my handwriting more than once.


  • I can type faster
  • I can go straight to printing
  • I can make 5 million copies if I want to- there’s less of a chance of losing it
  • I don’t have to sharpen pencils
  • Writing faster helps me spit out ideas without re-thinking and losing my nerve or inspiration.

How do you prefer to write? I definitely prefer pencil and paper. Even though I turn into a stressed peanut when I realize there’s only one copy of my brilliance in the world, and if I lose it or my house burns down or something it’s GONE- even then, I still like the intimacy of writing in my own little world, disconnected and lost in my thoughts.




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  1. I concur that pencil and paper is preferable. There is nothing quite like that form of writing. It is an experience that cannot be replaced by a keyboard and a monitor. Pencils are about as crucial to life as sandwiches.


  2. Well, I prefer PEN and paper so HA.


  3. Do you? The pen may indeed be more powerful than the sword, but the PENCIL is more powerful than the atom bomb, so THERE.

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  4. I loooooooooooove writing on pen and paper, there’s something so satisfying about a notebook!! but I HATE HATE HATE how long it takes to type it all up after…. xO and I do like that on word you can cut and move things around a lot, which I love to do.


  5. YES. Typing it all up is the bane of my writing experience.


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