An Anakin Appreciation Post

How do I go on with my life??



I’m about five minutes out from just finishing Revenge of the Sith. So I am currently in a puddle on the floor, unable to handle moving on with reality.

To quote someone else who loves Anakin *almost* as much as I do, “You’re breaking my heart!” Except part of the reason why I love him is because he IS so evil.



  1. He’s so passionate, so driven by his fear of losing the people he loves the most. He’s so lost, my precious child. He’s trying to save Padme but he loses her. AND WE ALL LOSE HIM AND WE NEVER GET OVER IT.
  2. Glorious Hair. Fabulous, amazing, wonderful, 10.0 hair.  Anakin-on-Mustafar-star-wars-revenge-of-the-sith-23562776-500-375.jpgCan’t. Anakin-Jedi.jpg Even. 6190bb83510cefcf9fd7bb11fff58f4d.jpg CAN’T EVEN TALK ABOUT IT WITHOUT GETTING TEARY INSIDE.
  3. When they’re hanging in that elevator and he’s CARRYING OBI-WAN AND PALPATINE by ONE ARM. The guy is like so full of midichlorians it’s exploding out of him. Obi-Wan and Anakin close ish up on elevator shaft.jpg
  4. He was such a precious child (literal child) and then he grew up and was confused and he was so powerful but he didn’t know how to handle it and then Palpatine USED HIM and DESTROYED HIM NOPE NOPE NOPEmaxresdefault.jpg
  5. When they put the mask on, we lose Anakin forever. giphy.gif
  6. *cries forever*
  7. The Revenge of the Sith duel is The Only Thing That Matters Anymore. It makes watching episode 4 really painful because… fJJt4T.gif Not that they don’t have the moves, but… they don’t have the moves.
  8. He loves Padme. I don’t love Padme, but he does. And that’s all that matters. He sacrifices everything for her, but he gets lost along the way. HE’S TRYING TO DO THE RIGHT THING, BUT THAT DANG PALPATINE I COULD STRANGLE HIMAnakin-and-Padme-in-Revenge-of-the-Sith.jpg
  9. Cool scar + awesome clothes = Best Jedi/Sith Ever
  10. Also the fact that he’s the strongest Jedi ever?? Obi-Wan isn’t even qualified to defeat him. He only wins because Anakin is so BROKEN AND DISTRACTED.
  11. *cries even more forever*
  12. And you can’t deny that he’s SMOKIN’ HOT. LITERALLY: open-uri20150608-27674-1byny23_c7ffde9f-e1434743170377.jpeg Seriously literally.

His character arc is The Most Interesting, his hair is The Most Beautiful, and his power is The Most Powerful Of All The Powers. I know Hayden Christensen gets a lot of hate, but not from me. I have hearts exploding out of my eyes right now. My poor child.


*cries for eternity*



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