Guest Post: The Best Writing Soundtracks

It’s that time of year. Snow in the air, lights everywhere, college students crying in corners because finals.

Well, thank goodness for sisters, because sometimes they walk up to you and say “Katie, I’ve written a guest post.” And when Katie’s been at work since 8 this morning and has Too Much Homework to function, she’s so grateful she metaphorically falls at her sister’s feet and offers her cake.

So, here it is. The piece de resistance:

Music can make or break your writing session, so it’s always helpful to have an inspiring soundtrack playing in the background. I am in the process of writing a spacey-science-fiction-apocalyptic-dystopian novel, and these are my favorite soundtracks to listen to for upping my creativity level. I’ve listed my #1 favorite writing inspiration song from each album which pained me greatly because I have SO MANY FAVORITE SONGS.

  1. The Maze Runner/The Scorch Trials (John Paesano)

These are my TOP soundtracks, and they contain lots of slower inspirational songs and not too many crazy-battle-fighting-grievers-we’re-all-gonna-die songs. Only problem is that I’ve listened to them so much now that I need the next movie to come out and give me new music HELP ME

Favorite songs: Goodbye (TMR); Tired of Running (TST)

  1. Terminator Genisys (Lorne Balfe)

WAIT. Maybe this is my top soundtrack. It’s so amazing and beautiful and perfect and inspirational and Sacrifice is officially my tear-inducing crybaby song because of a *certain* part that I wrote while listening to it on repeat.

Favorite song: What If I Can’t

  1. Divergent/Insurgent (Junkie XL; Joseph Trapanese)

Definitely good apocalyptic-the-world-is-ending-while-still-maintaining-some-feels music.

Favorite songs: I Am Divergent (D); You’re Worth It (I)

  1. The Hunger Games (James Newton Howard)

Okay so I love The Hunger Games soundtracks, but they are not always the greatest for writing my book because I hear it and I’m like PEEEEEEEETA!!!! KATNISSSSSSS!!!!! And basically get distracted and want to watch the movies and don’t get much writing accomplished. But still. Writing music.

Favorite songs: I Need You (CF); District 8 Hospital (M1); Your Favorite Color is Green (M2)

  1. The Huntsman: Winter’s War (James Newton Howard)

This is a new one for me, so I haven’t actually had a writing session yet whilst listening to it, but I certainly will. It seemed too fantasy at first so I didn’t think it would work but I THINK I WAS WRONG. And anyways, it’s composed by my old friend James so how could there be anything wrong with it *awkward laughing at my earlier assumption*.

Favorite song: Well… as stated I haven’t really listened to it much yet but I do know that I like the song Where’s My Horse. But don’t quote me on that.

  1. The Giver (Marco Beltrami)

Precious bean child, this soundtrack is. Light and flowy and *la-la-la-la-la-la dancing in a field of flowers*

Erhum. I’m back. But yes this soundtrack is beautiful and great and very much writing-ness.

Favorite song: First Memory

  1. Assassin’s Creed (various composers)

All the yes. Cray-to-the-Z awesome parkouring flipping dudes in coolio capes and amazing composers such as Lorne Balfe and Brian Tyler so why WOULDN’T it be amazing!?!

Favorite song: any Main Theme

  1. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (Hans Zimmer)

So the movie has… some things to be desired of it. But the soundtrack is by Hans my man so like how exactly can I complain? It has some weird crazy Electro sounds in some of the songs but then others are beautiful music children that inspire tears to fall upon your quill pen as you write strokes of creativity – in other words: listen to this soundtrack. Especially:

Favorite songs: I Need to Know; I’m Moving to England

  1. Inception

But most particularly TIME which is a great song to put on repeat if you need an endlessly dramatic quiet song with lots of feels and inspiring music-ness.

Favorite song: Time. Reasons stated above.

The Runners-up

First off: there are way too many but how could I leave anyone out? They each have their place in my writing galaxy.

  • Batman V Superman – This is My World is very much tear-causing.
  • Guardians of the Galaxy – To the Stars. Sacrifice. Black Tears. That is all.
  • Thor – Banishment and Odin Confesses: just pick the song titles that sound sad.
  • X-Men – A little X-Men can be useful for writer’s block.
  • Audiomachine – Sometimes a little too AHHH LOUD BRASSY NOISES but still can be good.
  • Gravity – Okay so I’ve only heard the main theme, but it’s great.
  • Man of Steel – If it’s time for a characters’ superhero moment.


Hey, if you like what she said, comment and let me know. And I’ll let her know. And she’ll be happy. So spread the happiness.



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  1. Loved it! Love you both!


  2. “I Need You” yes!!! That song makes me want to cry …😢 So wonderful! Keep writing- both of you!!


  3. Music is essential. James Newton Howard is undoubtedly one of the best. I love music that is wrought with emotion. Thank you, Melissa, for this beautiful post filled with beautiful music!


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