10 Reasons the New Wonder Woman Trailer is the Best Thing On the Planet

Let’s get right to the point.

Wonder Woman is a total boss.

My sister checked youtube every five minutes the morning this trailer released and we officially watched this trailer when it said ‘no views yet’. So, you know. We’re super cool.

But you may be asking, “Why is that trailer the best thing on the planet? It’s just a trailer.”



It’s not ‘just a trailer’, and I’ll tell you why.

  1. This trailer showcases DC’s signature slow motion. a0469713d23e870b629a66dfcb6ab56e.gif I love that DC didn’t try to copy other popular superhero universes *coughcoughmarvelcough*. They successfully found their own thing, and THEY. NAILED. IT.
  2. GAL GADOT. Ugh. She’s so perfect my soul is exploding. Just LOOK at her beautiful face. Screen Shot 2016-11-03 at 11.47.10 AM.png
  3. The muuuusicccccccc where every sword clash and footstep and face punch and everything is in time with the beat and it makes me DIE.
  4. Costuming. Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 1.58.40 PM.png Like, yes. And can we take a minute to appreciate the fact that this film is set in World War 1, not 2? WWII, in my experience, is a way more popular time to set a story than 1, and I’m SUPER EXCITED for this.
  5. The Amazons on her beautiful blue-water island?!?! Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 1.54.17 PM.png YESSSSSSSS. All the yes.
  6. My baby Chris Pine. Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 1.56.01 PM 1.png
  7. Wonder Woman is a total BOSS, people. Strong. Subtle. Secretary? Yes. All of the above. She can do anything AND she can do it elegantly. So feminine, yet also undeniably a warrior.
  8. Speaking of warrior, fight moves. 48df7b69c8382595edad9f648eea7ade.gif FIGHT MOVES.
  9. And the logo. Wonder-Woman-Comic-Con-Trailer-Logo.jpg

So, obviously if you think this trailer isn’t perfect then you’re wrong, because I have all the evidence right here. It’s more than a trailer- it’s a work of art. Making a good trailer- I mean a really good trailer? That takes skill. And this trailer takes the cake. And gives the cake to all its fans. #win


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