Why I Won’t Stop Acting + An Announcement!

I’ve auditioned 6 times in the last two years. And I’ve been in exactly zero shows.

Don’t pat me on the back and give me a kleenex, though. Three of those times I either turned down the role or left the show.

For the other three times, hand over the kleenex. Those were typical I-didn’t-get-cast situations where I laid down on my bed and questioned my existence for the following 48 hours.

So, after one of those times, I went to one of my professors (who has been a professional actress for forever which is super cool) and started crying. After comforting me, telling me to not give up, assuring me that nothing is wrong with me, she asked me something.

“Why do you act?”

Whoa. Uh, because I like it?

That’s a loaded question. I knew the answer right away, though. To tell stories.

And I knew her response. Not getting cast doesn’t change that. Not getting in a play when I’m 19 years old can’t take away my desire to tell stories. I’ll do theatre because that’s my medium for story-telling. Not because I want the most impressive names on my resume or the biggest star on my door.

No matter how many times I fall down, I’ll get back up. Because theatre is what I do. And I do it for others. Not for myself.

And now, the announcement. Early next week I will be hosting Nathan from You Write Fiction, and he’s got an absolutely fantastic post for you guys. Make sure to check back to read his guest post!



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  1. I’m so glad you aren’t going to give up acting! I love watching you! 🙂


  2. Never give up, never surrender, have you seen ‘Galaxy Quest’? Love that movie, hang in there girl!


  3. I think humans might exist to tell stories, but some of us never figure out how to do it. It’s fantastic that you know what you want to do, even if the path is treacherous- the story must be told, and it will!

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