The Side Effects: Jelsa, First Try

So my first try at writing a Jelsa fanfiction was turning into way too much work, and I had to start over and redo pretty much everything. However, I’d written quite a bit at that point, and I really loved some of the pieces I had. Since these pieces won’t make it into the final story, I thought I’d share them with you.

The following is from my first attempt. Elsa is part of a sorority called Glacialis Chi at a university where everyone has powers. The Glacialis Chi sorority is comprised solely of girls with ice powers. They’re going to a party at Kappa Flamma, which is a sorority comprised solely of girls with fire power. There are fraternities for ice and fire, too, as well as other powers like sound and plants.


Elsa tugged at the hem of her dress, feeling completely overdressed with way too much skin showing. She paused. Okay, so that statement was somewhat oxymoronic.

“Iris, I feel ridiculous,” she said as Iris grabbed her handbag from the table near the door.

“You’re beautiful,” Iris said. She pulled open the front door and started across the lawn to the Fire sorority, which was lit up from the inside with multi-colored lights. Music pounded from within, echoing all across the Greek row and probably every else too.

Halfway to Kappa Flamma, Elsa stopped and nearly bolted back to Glacialis Chi, but Iris caught her look and placed a hand on Elsa’s lower back, guiding her forward.

Somehow, they reached the front door of Kappa Flamma and Iris tentatively turned the knob, pushing it open. Inside was complete chaos- something Elsa avoided at all costs. But she stayed at Iris’s side as they began pushing their way through the crowd.

A girl with fiery red hair, fitting with the fire she was showing off with her hands and the gold and red sparkly leggings she wore, saw them and ran over.

“Hey beautiful ladies! Are you Glacialis?”

“Yes, we are,” Iris said, smiling. Elsa couldn’t bring herself to smile. She tried not to stare at the student swinging from the chandelier in the living room.

“That is so fantastic! Thanks for coming!” the girl yelled over the loud music. “Food is over there. I’m Riley, Fire Accentus! You?”


“What’s your name?”

“Oh,” Iris said. “Iris. This is Elsa.”

“Nice to meet you!” Riley shouted. “Love your dress!” She grabbed Elsa’s cape as she mentioned it. Then someone called for her and she ran off. Iris glanced at Elsa, and they shared a nervous look. This was definitely not their style.

“I’m ready to go when you are,” Elsa called over the noise.

“You can head back without me if you want to,” Iris said. “I’m going to try and talk to some of these people.”

Elsa sighed, knowing how lame it would be to bail on the party after being here for only two seconds. She forced herself forward, through the throng of people and towards a hallway. The music was a little deafened by the walls of the hallway and she breathed a little easier.

There were plaques lining the wall, interspersed with large photographs of the sorority members from all the years. There were several doors lining the hall, some of them open to groups of people chatting or laughing, some of them closed. The one at the end of the wall was only closed with a screen door, with two steps to a back patio. An empty patio.

The relative quiet was too inviting, and Elsa slipped outside, sucking in the fresh air. The air inside Kappa had been stale and hot at least. Not to mention there were about five million people in there. Out here, she felt like she could think. She soaked in the pleasure of being alone.


Obviously not alone. She jumped and turned around. Someone emerged from the shadows. They wore a blue hoodie that obscured their face, but they pushed it back and Elsa recognized Jack- the boy she’d tripped into. Twice.

Her face flushed. She tripped into Jack twice and tripped next to Hans twice. Her record of clumsiness was skyrocketing.

Jack looked over her dress, and suddenly Elsa felt like her legs were far too bare. She wrapped the cape around her and leaned against the low stone wall surrounding the patio.

“Too many people, right?”

She nodded.

“Any other Ice’s in there?”

She nodded again. “… just one.”

“Wonder how long she’s gonna last.”

“Longer than me, apparently,” Elsa said, pulling her braid over her shoulder.

Jack smirked and pulled himself onto the wall beside Elsa. “So, what? The party was too boring for you?”

Elsa looked at him oddly until she realized he was joking. “Oh, you know. There was only one disco ball.”

“Until you came in,” he said, pointing at her dress. The diamonds suddenly seemed garish and ridiculous compared to everyone else’s apparel. Elsa sighed. She dropped her head in her hands and moaned.

“I knew this was a bad idea.”

“No, it looks great.”

“No, coming to the party was a bad idea,” Elsa clarified, walking to the other side of the patio. “I only came because Iris wanted me to. She’s the one who convinced me to wear this ridiculous dress, and now I look like a big flake.”

Jack turned his palm to the sky and formed a delicate snowflake. Elsa watched as it drifted to the ground and melted against the patio stones. For a split second, she envied the ease with which he used his powers. Then she remembered the pain she’d caused in the past when she misused hers and the feeling faded.

“Snowflake,” Jack said quietly.

“Not that kind of flake,” Elsa said. She moved to the gate in the patio wall and pushed it open. A path led behind the house towards Glacialis, and Elsa was glad she could go back without walking through the crowded sorority again.

“Can I walk you back?”

Elsa paused just outside the gate. Hans had asked her the same thing earlier, and she’d accepted. But it seemed more like a polite gesture, the kind of thing a prep-school kid like him would do. Coming from Jack, it seemed…. somehow more significant. And it scared her.

“No,” Elsa stated, not looking back. She walked around the back of the house, leaving Jack behind her.

Just as she stepped across the low bed of flowers dividing the Kappa lawn from Glacialis’s, she remembered Iris and sighed. She should probably tell her where she was.

Before she had even taken a step, Iris walked briskly out of Kappa Flamma and headed for Glacialis. Elsa fell into step with her on the sidewalk.

“Loud,” Iris stated simply.

“Hot,” Elsa replied.

Iris chuckled. “Crowded.”

Elsa thought back to the deserted patio. “Mostly.”


As much as I love this scene, I’m directing the story in a completely different direction this time. What do you think? Doesn’t the idea of Jelsa in college make you SO EXCITED?!?!?! (It does to me, obvi.)


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