The Most Meaningful Songs (to me)

“Life seems to go on without effort when I am filled with music.”
― George Eliot

There’s something so powerful about music. I could recount time after time when music lifted my spirits, gave me courage, or changed my perspective.

Here are some of the songs that have touched me the most.

1. Rise by Katy Perry

I can’t even remember what the specific situation was, but I felt hopeless. I think it was related to something in the theatre- I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. I had no prospects, no success, nothing to show for two years of trying. But then I heard this:

I won’t just conform, no matter how you shake my core. Cause my roots, they run deep. Oh ye of so little faith, don’t doubt it, don’t doubt it. Victory is in your veins.

2. There are Worse Games to Play/Deep in the Meadow/The Hunger Games Suite by James Newton Howard

There’s something about the instrumentals in this song- the reverberations, the slight delay, the swell on the strings- that gets me every. single. time. It physically affects me, I’m serious. You know when you’re listening to something that’s so mind-bogglingly amazing that your heart aches? That’s this song for me.

Obviously, there’s an emotional connection. These are one of my favorite movies (if not my very favorite) and Peeta is my bread child.

3. The Greatest by Sia feat. Kendrick Lamar

This is the most recent inspiration. Just last night, actually. I was asking God to give me direction, to tell me whether I should give up waiting here and go somewhere else or just stick it out. Then I started singing this song.

Don’t give up, I won’t give up, don’t give up, no, no, no.

Honorable Mentions:

Can’t Take It In (Imogen Heap). This song is more nostalgic than emotionally affecting. CHILDHOOD. It speaks to my younger self. I think I’ll always love this song.

Redefined (Tydi). This song was MY JAM for like six months last year. We made up dance moves and blasted it at top volume and lived and breathed this song. Once again, not so much emotionally affecting, but definitely significant.

Sharks Don’t Sleep (Dean Valentine). I actually cried at the Civil War trailer, so obviously this one hit me hard. There’s something so deep and resonant and difficult about this song.

Sledgehammer (Rihanna). She wrote this in honor of Anton Yelchin. This song is bleeding with sorrow, but at the same time there’s something so alive about it. It’s beautiful.

Songs are serious stuff. They can change my attitude. My day. My outlook on life, really. So the ones that affect us… are that much more significant.


“Music touches us emotionally, where words alone can’t.”

― Johnny Depp


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