The Side Effects: Progress is Progress

The school semester is just about HALFWAY OVER, people. *NEWS FLASH: I MIGHT SURVIVE SCHOOL!!!*

Homework can swamp me sometimes- not necessarily soaking up all my time, but definitely sapping my mental energy until all I can do is curl up in a fetal position and try not to disintegrate.

The other times, though, when I have a shred of sanity and an hour or two to spare, I’ve found myself being able to do something… WRITE.

*audience collapses in shock*

Well, writing my latest fanfiction is a journey. I’ve restarted it four hundred five thousand six million eight times (read: twice) and it’s changed from one storyline to another to another.

So, last time I talked about the Side Effects? That time I gave you that lovely little logo?

Yeah, that’s irrelevant now.

I’m not even going to say “COMING SOON!!” Because school. But when it comes- it will be awesome.

And as for storyline, here’s a hint:




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