Ten Things I’m Dying Over (again)

There are lots of things to get excited about in this world, and in previous posts (Ten Things I’m Dying Over and Ten More Things I’m Dying Over) I give you some of them. Here are ten of my recent reasons:

  1. Lightsabers. So we watched Attack of the Clones last night (and by watched I mean fast-forwarded through the majority of the movie, yet I still feel like I love the whole thing) but of course we didn’t fast forward through this scene:4c069418dc6df31eb7bdc75a0d28cdce.gif
  2. Cheesecake.
    Especially birthday cheesecake which is what I’ve been eating the last few days.
  3. PASSENGERS. ew-passengers9000233227.jpg It’s starring Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence which honestly confuses my mind but I’m still excited-slash-rollingmyeyes. Rolling my eyes because no one has permission to do space except Lucasfilm, Star Trek, and The Martian.
  4. Tron: Legacy soundtrack, which I’ve been listening to for FOREVS, but I finally bought it so I own it and now I’m dead because it’s Daft Punk and it’s so amazingsauceandicantfeelanythinganymorebecauseitssobeautifulhelp
  5. Spider-Woman. IMG_3082.JPG She’s. The. Boss.
  6. Rock & Roll Hamlet which is the only version of Hamlet I’ve ever seen, but I’m pretty sure it will NEVER. BE. BEAT. I went to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival (which was exhaustingly far away but SO WORTH IT) and I never knew I needed to see Hamlet railing on a bright red electric guitar, but I did and it happened and I’m dead.
  7. Captain America Waffle Maker. It’s real, guys. captain-america-waffle.jpg And it’s beautiful.
  8. My new plaid cardigan which I don’t have a picture of but it is life. It’s red and black and it has flowy ends that you can wrap around yourself and be all snuggly.
  9. Natashky. b3b82aa51364ce1dd73147eea43e3194.jpg *heart flutters* *heart bursts into a million pieces* *heart is eternally destroyed* *otp proceeds to attack mental health and sanity since heart is gone*
  10. New York (otherwise known as THE GREATEST CITY IN THE WORLD) which is where I. MYSELF. WILL BE. In a few months. I’m going to New York City because my friend invited me to go with her and my soul cracked a little because of the generosity and so now I’m making a list that says “Visit Richard Rodgers Theatre” at the top and so I’m dead.

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  1. AH! The waffle maker! And have fun in New York!


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