An Appreciation of Broadway’s Newsies

About three years ago I heard the Newsies soundtrack for the first time. I remember listening to it and turning to friend, going “This is from the 90’s, isn’t it?”

And they were like “How can you tell?!?”

I don’t know. But I could. Not longer after that experience, they showed me the 1992 film, Newsies. Of course, as any theatrical/disney loving/musical person would, I fell in love with it…. and in particular, Spot Conlin. Who doesn’t love Spot Conlin?


Then, just this year, I saw my first Broadway show- Newsies, on tour. TWICE. I count myself lucky because I got to see ANDY RICHARDSON AS CRUTCHIE AHHHH I’M SO DEAD EVERYTHING IS EXPLODING IN HAPPINESS ASDFGHJKL-

I’m not obsessed, or anything.

Screen Shot 2016-09-18 at 2.03.55 PM.png

Not obsessed at all.

There are so many amazing things about the show. For one thing, SINGING. And DANCING. AT THE SAME TIME.

I come from a theatre group where guys were more sparse than the fountain of youth. So it kind of blows my mind that there were that many singing/dancing/acting 20-something-year-old guys who wanted to be in a Broadway show, yet there they are.


The cast recording holds a special place in my heart. I love pretty much all cast recordings. Not only is everyone in the cast a good singer, but the music tells a story and takes you on a journey. Annnnd showtunes are life. So.

If you’ve been on my Instagram for any amount of time you’ve probably seen this gem:


May I draw your attention to this special cinnamon roll:



Weird story about getting pictures with the cast. Joey Barreiro had apparently doused himself in cologne prior to signing autographs, and on the drive back from the show I could still smell it. #strangebuttrue

Also, this cast has like the best behind the scenes amazingness. They post pictures all the time of them having fun and being happy which in turn makes me happy.



And anyway. Master Lin Shakespeare The Genius of Our Time was a fansie.



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