The Side Effects: Motivation

I’ve been stuck. I’ve tried writing my most recent fanfiction four times now, and nothing’s been happening. It’s all old and stale and just… wasn’t working.

So over the last few days I gritted my teeth and wrote out the story line and the characters all that jazz. Thought up new ideas. Trashed new ideas. Sorted out good points from bad points. Got myself inspired by some purposeful Pinteresting.

And I finally broke from the restraints. I’ve been trying so hard to write something that wasn’t working, and now that I’m finally writing something that makes sense, it feels like it’s writing itself.


I kept trying to write Elsa in a situation where everyone knew about her powers- in fact, everyone around her had her same powers. It’s a nice premise, and I still like it.

But it doesn’t work.

Everything Elsa does is driven by her fear. And her fear stems from her having a power that no one can know about.


So when everyone knew about and even had the same power as Elsa, her motivation disappeared. Why was she so quiet and nervous? Why was she hiding?

Now, she has a purpose. And everyone around her has a purpose. Pieces of the story keep flying into place, as they normally do in the Golden Pages (you know, the first thirty or so pages where everything is just perf and you can envision all the beautifulness). I’m pacing myself, though. I don’t want to write until my brain explodes and then never be able to pick the story back up. It’s hard not to just keep powering through, though.

Especially when I have such exciting ideas. Like, for example, with some of the other main characters. (And by the way- the cast is expanding. Get ready to hear some familiar names. *coughcoughhanscough*)

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  1. Yay! Can’t wait to read it!


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