Thankful Thursday 34

  1. I’m thankful for the acceptance and loving nature of my theatre department. I’m kind of the outsider at the theatre group- for one thing, I’m a Christian in a non-Christian university theatre. For another thing, I haven’t been around very much. But they are all so willing to take me as I am and help me through choppy monologues and bad acting. I went to some pre-audition things where I was able to get a ton of help for my upcoming audition. It feels so good to be back up there in front of people, while at the same time mildly terrifying. 8iEb5j84T.jpg
  2. I’m thankful that the fall semester is starting soon. I’m also kind of dreading it. But I like the change of pace, and I like learning. The hard part for me is the multi-tasking. However, I’m super-excited and hopefully more prepared this year than last year.
  3. I’m thankful for my sisters. Earlier this week we went to an amusement park, just the three of us, and it was SO FUN. We haven’t done a bunch of big sister date things like that before, and since we’re all going to be so busy this fall, it was nice to stop and hang out for a whole day. Also, we had amazing food from theme-park-shacks.
  4. Annnd I’m thankful for PAPER because I can’t live without paper. It’s the most amazing of all amazingness. I use it excessively.



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  1. I adore paper.


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