Heroism: Typeset

Ready, set… type.

So my books are in parts. Not intentionally. And not because I want it to be a series or a trilogy or anything. It’s in parts because Spiral-Bound Notebook #1 filled up and I had to get a second one and in my brilliance labeled it Part Two.

Well, last semester when college hit hard and homework hit home and my writer’s lifestyle was almost completely ruined, I ditched writing new stuff and got my hands on the old stuff. I typed up the Spiral-Bound Notebook #1, edited it, edited it again, and printed it out.


I have three other parts now that are untouched, original, and one-of-a-kind. Which means if it’s destroyed I have no way to recover it, whereas Part 1 is only in about four million seven thousand eight hundred and ninety one different places. I ain’t losing that one.

So now I’m beginning to write up Part 2 for 2 reasons:

  1. So I won’t go insane when I leave Part 2 at home and worry about our house spontaneously combusting and destroying parts of my soul.
  2. To give myself a break from writing new stuff because my head is dying.

Oh, and a third reason: my sister read Part 1 and is now itching to read Part 2. Ah, the power big sisters have over their younger siblings.

After I finish typing up Part 2 (and maybe Part 3, for that matter, if I feel like I can mentally handle that), I’ll return to the arduous (yet extremely rewarding task) of writing.

Writing is HARD.

So if you’re up in knots because it’s not working, just know you’re not alone. It’s tough stuff. But totally worth it.


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