My Favorite Actors

A little bit ago I wrote My Favorite Actresses, which was a relatively short post compared to what’s coming at you today. As opposed to my favorite actresses, which is a list about the size of a ladybug, my favorite actors could fill a three-part novel.

We have discovered over time that there are a few actors that possess similarities to myself. These actors have become my squad.


1) Chris Pine (The Identical-Not-Identical Twin)


First of all, that cough. *sigh*. (I believe I’ve said it before: when Spock chokes him in the 2009 Star Trek movie, he coughs. I don’t know. I’m so impressed by that cough I could die.) Also, he has a stupid sense of humor and he’s a total dork. My favorite thing about his acting is that he’s not afraid to look completely stupid for the sake of realistically portraying a role. Notable roles: Jim Kirk in Star Trek reboot, Bernie in The Finest Hours

2) Anthony Mackie (The Best Friend)


This guy is my best friend. He just doesn’t know it. He always brings a level of energy (from what I’ve heard) and everyone loves him (or so they say). And anyway. He and Seb have the best interviews. Notable roles: Falcon/Sam Wilson in Captain America: Winter Soldier and Captain America: Civil War, Finn in Real Steel


3) John Cho (The Other Best Friend)

john cho 21oct11 04.jpg

Okay, so John Cho was kind of a mystery to me until we watched the Star Trek behind the scenes and we discovered that Chris Pine and John have one of those pinky-promise friendships where they crack each other up and beat each other up and they just get along. And since Chris is me, John is my bestie. Obvi. Notable roles: Sulu in Star Trek reboot.

4) Lee Pace (The Distant Cousin)


So if you’ve been reading this blog you know that Pace is a family name for me. And Lee actually looks like my Pace relative when he was a young lad. So obviously we’re related, right? Well, we checked all our historical documents and can’t find any connection, unfortunately. But he’s part of the squad anyway. Notable roles: Thranduil in The Hobbit series, Ronan in Guardians of the Galaxy.

5) Bonus: J.J. Abrams (The Uncle)


Just because that’s who he is. Annnnd he looks exactly like my uncle, so, you know.

There’s my squad. But that barely scratches the surface of my favorite actors. Outside the squad there’s still a good twenty-ish actors in my favorites. For your sake I’ve narrowed it down.


1 Sebastian Stan


He’s number one for a reason. I literally didn’t even have to go Google search for a picture (like I have to for everyone else on this list) because I already had this picture saved to my computer. This guy has to deal with a lot of different emotional depths in his acting and that is probably my favorite kind of performance to watch. So he has a special place in my heart. Notable roles: Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier in the Captain America movies, Chris Beck in The Martian.

2 Zachary Quinto


Having emotion while playing a lack of emotion brings up a lot of emotion in me. Zach not only rocks Vulcan eyebrows but brings me to TEARS with his Vulcan mentality. He has to play two sides to the character, considering that Spock is half-human, and he NAILED IT. I never tire of watching the brilliance that is Zachary Quinto. Notable roles: Spock in Star Trek reboot.

3 Daniel Bruhl


Just… *heart eyes emoji* … just look at my Civil War post. Just do it. You won’t regret it. There’s a whole paragraph about his beautiful puppy-dog-ness, so I won’t repeat myself. What I will say is that Zemo is actually a menacing character, which is quite a feat considering you’re SO VERY ADORABLE!!!! Lots of villains have tragic backstories that I’m just like “Meh. Whatever. Still don’t care.” But Zemo was different. Zemo was the leader of a kill squad before he decided to strategically destroy the Avengers. He had a plan. He had a motive. And he had puppy eyes. Yet, he was still evil! Hats off to you, Daniel Bruhl. Notable roles: Zemo in Captain America: Civil War, Martin in The Bourne Ultimatum

4 Lin-Manuel Miranda


THIS MAN IS DRIPPING WITH GENIUS. I CANNOT SAY ENOUGH ABOUT HIM. I literally can’t. My brain can’t even handle his brilliance. Hamilton is the game-changer, the most cohesive piece of art I’ve ever seen. Flawless. Intelligent. Beautiful. Award-winning, record-breaking, world-dominating. And it’s all due to one man who devoted his time and attention to something he believed in. Notable roles: Alexander Hamilton in Hamilton: An American Musical.

5 Andy Richardson


AAAAAANNNNDDDYYYYYYY YOU LITTLE CINNAMON ROLL!!! Okay, all cinnamony-ness aside, Andy is definitely my favorite Newsie. I feel bad for all those poor souls who didn’t get to see him playing Crutchie and singing Letter to the Refuge. And BONUS: Andy is one of the two people on this list that I actually MET in PERSON. If you follow me on Instagram you already know that. Notable roles: Crutchie in Newsies (touring), Romeo in Newsies (Broadway)

I may or may not have died of happiness because of this.

6 Anthony Ramos


First of all, Anthony Ramos. Second of all, Hammie. Third, HIS HAIR GIVES ME LIFE. (And by the way, that’s directly quoting an Instagram comment about Daveed Diggs. True in both cases.) He plays Laurens, one of my FAVORITE Revolutionary men (not that I even knew who he was before Ham) and one of my FAVORITE sons of Alexander Hamilton (Ummm I didn’t even know Alexander had any children until after Ham). And he sings about turning nine years old. What’s not to love? Notable roles: John Laurens/Philip Hamilton in Hamilton: An American Musical.

7 Jai Courtney


HE RUNS LIKE NO ONE ELSE. Seriously, in Insurgent when he’s chasing after the Divergent people, I’m like, the only person who comes close to running on camera so well is Garret Hedlund in Tron: Legacy. Running on camera is an art form, people. And Jai does it so well. (And with a name like JAI you’re already pretty awesome.) He plays Eric’s villainy so… endearingly. I’m not sure endearing is what he was going for when he played that character, but oh well. Also, Kyle is pretty boss. Notable roles: Eric in the Divergent series, Kyle Reese in Terminator: Genisys.

8 Joey Barreiro


My friends call him Joey Burrito.

Enough said.

No, not enough said. His voice makes me want to melt into the floor and turn into a flower. It is the voice of an angel from New York City selling newspapers in the 1800’s. And his acting ain’t half-bad neither. In fact, it’s positively good. Notable roles: Jack Kelly in Newsies (touring).

Annnnnnd he’s the other person on this list that I’ve met in REAL LIFE.


9 Simon Pegg


Simon, Simon, Simon. At first I was like “Oh, it’s a funny guy.” Then I was like “I love his character so much.” And then I was like “I’M NOT CRYING YOU’RE CRYING THIS IS JUST A TOM CRUISE MOVIE I JUST HAVE SOMETHING IN MY EYE THAT’S ALL.” My steadfast love for Simon’s amazing acting ability grows with each performance I see. Notable roles: Scotty in Star Trek reboot, Benji in Mission Impossible: 4 & 5.

10 Anton Yelchin


My precious baby. Rest in peace.




Karl Urban, Dylan O’Brien, Daveed Diggs, Adam Driver, Hugh Jackman, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Jesse Eisenberg, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Ty Simpkins, Casey Affleck, Nick Robinson, and Andy Serkis.

I TRIED TO NARROW IT DOWN, PEOPLE, I REALLY DID. And I actually left some people off. I warned you that this list was long.


*This is a scheduled post.*



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