Flying Lessons

On my way home from a fantastic vacation this Monday, I sat down in my assigned seat, very excited that the seat next to me was empty- more room for my stuff!
Then some creeper guy bobbing his head to whatever music was playing through his headphones sat down next to me. I kinda leaned away from him, towards the aisle, and glanced around the plane in hopes that there would be an empty row I could move to once the plane was all boarded.


Then a mom took the empty row next to me, with her toddler and her baby, who immediately began crying. I kind of cringed inside, but prayed that this mom would have a good trip, and that the baby wouldn’t cry the whole time. I wanted to be able to hear my movie.
Once the doors closed I asked a flight attendant if I could move to an empty row. “Those are emergency exit rows, so I’m going to say no,” she said kindly.
Okay. The baby was crying again. That’s fine, I said. I smiled at the baby instead of paying attention at the creeper guy on the other side of me. I settled down for the flight and put my earbuds on, ready to tune out the world with my music.

Then the mom started trying to open a container of milk and a sippy cup for her toddler. I got up the courage to ask if she needed help.
“Yeah, can you open this for me?”
Of course I can. It’s easy to open a bottle of milk when you have two hands available. So I did it.
At this point I decided to put away my phone, because I wanted this mom to know that I was able to help her if she needed me. It was a pretty quiet trip except the few times the baby would cry. Mom would always calm her.
Then halfway through the trip, the mom asked me if I could hold her baby for a minute while she mixed up a bottle. I love babies, so I agreed. The baby didn’t cry while I held her. I breathed in her sweet baby smell and cuddled her.
Unfortunately, I couldn’t keep holding her because the flight attendant came and told us that for safety reasons (the number of air masks), I couldn’t keep holding her unless I moved to another row.
I did get to hold her again, though. Just for a second, when the mom needed to do something else.
I’m so glad I didn’t move to another row. I’m so glad I didn’t get to settle back in my seat and watch a dumb movie during that flight. I mean, I didn’t whip out a Bible and start preaching to this lady- I kind of think she might have been a Christian already, to tell you the truth- but I got to help somebody.
And it was the best flight I had.



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  1. That’s neat!


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