Heroism: On the Road

I have to apologize for being a bad blogger. Me getting a job is no excuse for not devoting twenty minutes of brain power to my blog, BUT I have a better excuse prepared for you today: I’m on vacation.

*cue hula dancing celebration*

This vacation has been better than amazing (I got the see Broadway Newsies  for a second time, making my sister green with envy- check out my Instagram for pictures!) and a great break from reality. It’s been hot and sunny and air conditioned inside, so life is good. 

Vacation doesn’t mean a break from my book. In fact, it means I have MORE time to write! (Note that I don’t normally use that extra time to do more writing because I’m busy vacationing, but I have actually written some.) I’ve written some stuff that I’m particularly in love with. 

This free time was also filled with a different kind of pencil-scratching: drawing. I have drawn two of my personal favorite characters (neither of which are Nick, my MC), liberally using Pinterest as a guide for how to properly draw an arm or a leg or a nose or anything you can possibly think of- even rolled up sleeves.

Deatrix. Sass master.
Patrick. Motorcycle dude.

My beauties. I’m very impressed with myself.

So I’ve still got more than half a vacation left. If you don’t hear from me for the next seven million years it means I liked vacation so much I decided to stay forever.


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  1. Great drawings, Katie! I hope you don’t stay on vacation forever! We miss you!


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