Heroism: Part 3

I’ve been writing Hero for two years. I’m not what you’d call an exceptionally fast writer, considering the fact that my sister, who has been writing a book for two months, has almost as many pages as I do.

But that’s okay with me. I love my characters to the moon and back, and I’m so sad that someday it will all have to END. I mean- maybe not. Maybe a sequel will come around at some point. (Note that I actually can’t imagine a sequel involving my beloved characters. Their story is a one-story kind of thing, not a series.)

My book is not a series, but I technically have it divided into unintentional parts. These parts can be up to 140 pages, except that I normally rip pages out of my 70-sheet notebooks, and they end whenever the notebook does. Which is not necessarily a cliffhanger or good ending or something. It’s just where it stops.


Having concluded Part 3, some may think “Wow! She must be a brilliant professional writer, having written so much!”


I most definitely am not.

For the most part, I’m just over here eating strawberries and rejoicing that I didn’t fail. Remember a while back when I said I ripped out 30 pages? Well, I re-wrote those 30 pages, and I ripped out a page or two more, and then…

I got here. I actually succeeded. I approached the situation from a different angle and I actually DID IT!!! *ensue happy dancing*

But alas, when I finished Notebook Number Three, I went to the designated notebook drawer and opened it only to find that the only notebooks we had were those old school notebooks where half the pages have been ripped out and the covers have Sharpie on the front that says “History 101” or “New Zealand project”.

That was a sad moment. The moment didn’t last very long, though, because approximately three hours later we went to the store and BOOM:


THEY’RE BEAUTIFULLLLLLLLLL. (By the way, these aren’t all notebooks for Hero. We just got a stack. I’m not planning on writing eight more parts. I mean, it’s possible that I’ll write eight more parts, but I seriously doubt that it will actually happen.)



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