Thankful Thursday 32

  1. IT IS ALMOST THE WEEKEND. *happy dancing ensues* Which means I can do things like 1) ignore reality 2) watch movies and 3) maybe write in my book if I ever get around to it. (Actually, I’ve been doing pretty good in my writing lately. I just need to buckle down during my free time and DO IT.)
  2. 938873_1_1001-martian-suit_standard.jpg I’m thankful for the brilliance of a good director. We watched The Martian last night and I was once again awed by the cadence of his direction. The whole movie just feels so fluid, so free. Another director I love is J.J. Abrams, who is indisputably the best director that ever was. For one thing he does everything he can in camera, because even if you can’t put your finger on it, you can tell when something is tangible. For another thing he’s hilarious. All his actors love him. And he’s just amazing, so there. Other notable directors? Not George Lucas. Sorry, but no.
  3. QLOGaiZ.jpg The Gallagher Girls series, which although extremely lame is actually very entertaining (and from my sister’s reviews, they get better as they go). I love books so ridiculously much that it’s like a gift from heaven when I find new ones that I actually like.

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