Facebook Official

Strangely enough, “Facebook Official” is a literal term that we literally use in this day and age. It means that something is so completely real that we’re willing to tell all of our befriended acquaintances and distant relatives and old school friends.

Normally I dislike the term, but only because I hate to see it misused. “I’m facebook-officially graduated from college”, or “We’re facebook-officially engaged”. WELL, NO BACKING OUT NOW. Now the whole world knows and if you take it back they’ll think you’re a LIAR.

You know, if you’re engaged, Facebooking it doesn’t make it any more official. *end unintentional rant*

So why, you may ask, am I using that term MYSELF now, if I’ve gone to such an effort to tell you that I dislike it?

Because my blog is now Facebooked. Which means that my sister, who checks Facebook more often than my blog, will now receive notifications when I post a new post. That’s the main reason I made a page for The Act Diary.

But hopefully, it will serve a larger purpose than simply convincing my sister to read my blog. Check it out here, and if you like what you see, then please… like what you see.


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