Five People Who Should Write Autobiographies

I think it’s obvious to everyone that I love fiction. I. LOVE. FICTION. I devour fiction. I read it in the morning and at lunchtime and at night and all the time in between.

Non-fiction, on the other hand, is a different story. I do read non-fiction; I actually enjoy non-fiction at times. It’s just…


One of my favorite forms of non-fiction is an autobiography. I’m inspired by the stories of others. People’s lives are powerful things, and when someone is willing to share their story with the world, it can affect me greatly. My favorite autobiographies are Mistaken Identity by Don and Susie van Ryn, Colleen Newell and Whitney Cerak and Unashamed by Lecrae.

There are some autobiographies I have yet to read, and here’s why. THEY’RE NOT WRITTEN YET. Here are five people who should write autobiographies.

  1. First and foremost, Mr. Chris Pratt, who we all know as Star-Lord (or perhaps Peter Quill). I’ve heard things, I’ve read things, but I want to know from Chris himself what his story is. I’ve heard he professes to be a Christian, but I want to know what he’s living. I’ve read that he came from a really tough background, but I want to hear how he was redeemed out of that. I think his story would be an extremely powerful one.
  2. NASA’s astronaut Scott Kelly. I’m not what you would call a space nerd (unless reading The Martian counts), but Scott Kelly LIVED OFF THE EARTH FOR A YEAR. Not only is that an impressive feat for how far our technology has come, but it’s also an incredible story, and I’d like to hear it.
  3. J.J. Abrams. If you know anything about me, it’s that J.J. Abrams is indisputably the best director in the entire world, and so obviously I’m interested in his story. I’ve heard in interviews and such that he’s kind of a family guy, and I want to know how he got where he is.
  4.  Lin-Manuel Miranda. If you don’t already know, Lin-Manuel Miranda plays the titular name of the Broadway show Hamilton (which he also WROTE), and he’s going to do the music for Disney’s Moana this fall (which makes me DIE of happiness). I don’t really know anything about him, except that he’s Puerto Rican (thanks, Wikipedia), but anyone who has written the dialogue and music and lyrics of a 16-Tony-Award-nominated Broadway show and starred in it must have a story. He tells other people’s stories: it’s about time he told his own.
  5. Finally… ME! No, not really. At least, not yet. But I hope someday I have an interesting enough life that people want to read about it. I have a lot of goals for myself, and if I achieve HALF of them, that should be enough to write an autobiography.

So, even though autobiographies aren’t fiction, they can still be beautiful books (and they can be amazingly entertaining!). Whose stories do you want to hear?


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  1. I would read the autobiographies of John Williams, Sean Astin, Hugh Jackman, and John Lasseter, among others. Though most of the people I would like to read autobiographies about are dead, which doesn’t work out so well.


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