My Top Ten Favorite Stupid Movies

We’ve all got our favorite movies- they’re beautiful, normally heart-wrenching and tear-jerking, close to home, thought-provoking ballads of amazingness that we can watch over and over again and never stop loving it.

And then there are the other favorites. The ones that you’re not really sure WHY they’re so special to you. The ones that you wouldn’t tell your classy friend about. The ones that make you seriously question your judgment.

The stupid movies.

I’m in favor of stupid movies if they have equal amounts Wit and Stupid. Too much stupid and it becomes unattainably horrifying stupidness. Too much wit and it becomes a high-faluting wordy brain game.

*SORT OF OBLIGATORY DISCLAIMER* My life would be incomplete without these movies. Please don’t hate me for calling them stupid. And keep in mind that they’re not in order.

So my personal and completely opinionated Top Ten Favorite Stupid Movies starts with:

1) The Emperor’s New Groove


Every single stinkin’ line is as quotable as anything. It never ceases to make me laugh. And being quotable is almost the MOST IMPORTANT redemptive quality a movie can have.

2) Princess Diaries 2


I kind of sort of despise Anne Hathaway as an actress (though I’ve heard good things about her in Les Mis). This movie is redeemed by the one and only beautiful amazing CHRIS PINE who is my estranged twin.

3) High School Musical

Hey look, it’s two of my five favorite people in the movie. (The others being Ryan and Chad and Taylor.)

We all used to love High School Musical. And then we all hated it. And some of us still hate it while some of us (me included) have inexplicably grown very fond and nostalgic of the overly-catchy tunes and bad acting and SPRING MUS-I-CALS!!!

4) Barbie Princess Charm School


It’s Barbie. I do not feel the need to explain its stupidity at all. BUT! I will explain its redeeming qualities, since those are harder to pick out. For one thing, she works at a cute little coffee shop. For another thing she goes to PRINCESS CHARM SCHOOL. And for another thing there are at least two marginally cool pop songs in this movie.

5) Rise of the Guardians


This one is just sad because it plummeted to the depths of stupidness with its failure of a plotline. Its characters were SO BRILLIANT (not to mention *cough*cough* quite an attractive bundle of pixels).

6) Tinkerbell (franchise)


I was going to just choose one of the Tinkerbell movies, but I’m lumping all of them together as one. The problem with these movies is that it always ends with the Big Bad Rules made by the adults being stupid and Tinkerbell being right even though she broke the rules. But they’re adorbsy little fairies, so I watch it anyway.

7) The Adventures of TinTin


This one is saved from total oblivion by ANDY SERKIS AND JAMIE BELL. But it was just sort of long. It also had some quotables, but not enough to save it from at least a little bit of stupidness. One redeeming quality was that it was entirely mocap, which makes me one part sad and two parts wowed.

8) Tarzan


I love Jane, I love the music, but WHY DID HIS CHIN EXTEND LIKE FOUR INCHES WHEN HE GREW UP. HIS ENTIRE SKULL CHANGED SHAPE. He was such a cute baby, too. Puberty hit him like a truck and the truck left lasting damage to his face. Poor guy.

9) Tron: Legacy

THE BIKESSSS. Most glorious thing to ever happen on the grid.

UGH. This movie. The soundtrack is 70000 points amazing. The first 30 minutes is just FANTASTIC. And I love the kid who plays the main character. And then… there’s the second half of the movie. *Sigh*.

10) The Lego Movie


This almost didn’t get on the list because it’s SO stupid it’s not stupid. All I have to do, though, is think about the Real World scenes that TRIED to act like a redemptive epilogue and just made me angry. BUT. Nothing can change the fact that CHRIS PRATT is Emmet, therefore every single line he says is a side-bustin’ stroke of brilliance.

This list got progressively less stupid, but I don’t care. Just because something is stupid doesn’t mean it’s not amazing, right?

The End.



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  1. TINTIN YES. 😀 I love Tintin so much.


  2. THESE MOVIES ARE NOT STUPID, OKAY?! THESE MOVIES ARE A M A Z I N G. I love each and every one of them. Love what you love, regardless of what anybody else thinks. : )


  3. Totally!! Everyone I’ve ever met hates Star Wars Episode II but I’m over here like “Umm…. I…. I like it…” so you’ve just gotta love what you love.


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