Heroism: Don’t Fold Yet

I struggle every day with writing Hero. I don’t always write, but I always feel the struggle. I’ve put it upon myself the need to write, and if I don’t, then I feel like I didn’t accomplish what I was supposed to.

I think that’s flawed for two reasons. 1) It just stresses me out and makes writing harder, and 2) just because I didn’t write in Hero doesn’t mean I didn’t accomplish anything. In fact, yesterday, I wrote tons- just not in Hero. That is an accomplishment, even if it doesn’t feel like one.


Right now, I think I need to come to terms with the fact that the book has to keep moving. I mean, things are happening, but the audience might be getting bored. (Although, they haven’t read it four million seven hundred billion times, so maybe they wouldn’t think it was boring.) I’m afraid to make drastic changes in my character’s lives because last time I did that I had to rip out 30 pages. (Knife in the heart. Ugh.) But they’ve been in the same place for too long. The air’s getting stale, so to speak.

I’ve got to take a chance. And even if I end up needing to rip it out again and re-write it, you know what they say. You can always fix a first draft. You can’t fix an empty page.


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  1. Keep writing, girlie! Love you!


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