Or should I say, Pinteresting. I am throwing in the towel today alongside my creativity and instead of writing something epically amazing and awe-inspiring, I’m compiling a whole bunch of interesting pins for you to look at.

Which is something I enjoy doing, so I assume you’ll like it too. Unless, of course, your sense of humor is different than mine. In which case you might want to just stop here.


Worst part about summer: Opening the windows and unintentionally broadcasting my life to strangers. #awkward


In all my classes during my recent college experience (which, by the way, ended in mixed feelings and tears of indecision) there was always THAT ONE GUY who made EVERY. SINGLE. THING. into a pun. Half hilarious and half infuriating. But puns about donuts get a free pass because they’re a donut.


And there are also the times when you catch a whiff or see a color or just suddenly FEEL SOMETHING and you remember a moment but it’s super vague and you’re like “DOES ANYONE ELSE REMEMBER THAT TIME WHEN THERE WAS A TREE” but it was a very specific tree that you don’t remember anything else about.


And finally:



DISCLAIMER: The only reason this post is in existence is because I looked at this here bloggity blog and realized I hadn’t posted anything since Tuesday. And I felt irresponsible, but I also felt like getting on Pinterest. So this is the win/win.

You just read an entire post about my laziness.



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  1. You make me laugh! 🙂 Love you!


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