Thankful Thursday 25

This post is really significant. Not only is it the 100th post, but Thankful Thursdays have officially reached a quarter of a hundred. Relatively, 25 isn’t very many, but considering there are 52 weeks in a year, and I don’t post every single Thursday, 25 means I’ve had this blog for more than half a year.

My sister has been encouraging me and the rest of my family to start ‘thankful notebooks’ for weeks. I was crabby about starting one because I’ve tried before and they always sort of failed. Never mind the fact that last time I did it I was, like, ten and competing with my sister to write the biggest list.

Sisters are one of life’s profound mysteries.

Well, I finally got over my stubbornness, found an empty notebook, and wrote three sentences about what I was thankful for that day.

And it wasn’t even painful! WHAT?! So unexpected. The only thing that may have gotten bruised in the process was my pride.

My stubbornness can get in the way of beautiful things, sometimes. It’s really a great thing to end my day by climbing into bed and thanking God for a few special moments. Something as simple as that- it only takes a few seconds- can change your perspective.

So I’m not completely changed. This didn’t radically shake up the old routine. But it did give it a breath of fresh air, so today I’m thankful for thankful notebooks.


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