Why a Pseudonym?

I have big goals for my life, and at this point I know the things I do today will affect what happens in the future.

Since my main goal is to act professionally, I want to use my real name for that. I’d rather see my real name in lights on a movie screen than under the title of a book. However, I do want to publish my book professionally, and I’d love it if it was popular.

I don’t want to be known as that author who tried her hand at acting- or vice versa. I’m not expecting to be world-famous in both (and I don’t know if I’ll be famous in either) but I’m not taking any chances. So, preparing for all contingencies, I’ve finally settled on a pen name to use for my books.

The significance of this particular name comes from family. So I’m carrying on a name I’ve never had but one that’s in my blood. And here it is:

Katie Pace

As you can see, I’m sticking with my real first name. I considered lots of different names but decided that I will never be able to respond to anything but my own. Believe me, I’ve tried. So here she is: Katie Pace, authoress.

ariela cover pace copy.jpg tungsten carbide cover pace copy

Check out my Wattpad here to read my fanfiction!


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