Thankful Thursday 24

With the end of winter just around the corner, I’m embracing every ray of sunlight and every bit of green sprouting from the earth.

Not only is the world getting more beautiful with every blossom and blade of grass, it’s getting warmer, too. And I love warmth, love the feel of the sun on my skin and going barefoot wherever I walk.


Today, I’m so thankful for springtime.

Springtime isn’t limited to the literal season- there are also springtimes in our life. New doors opening up, or maybe just a new perspective. I’ve been struggling to keep morale up with a rib out of place, but I’m getting past it now. I want to embrace each season of my life, but boy, it sure is nice when spring comes.


So whether the coming spring is literal or figurative, physical or emotional, I am ready to greet it with arms wide open.



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  1. Katie – even though I don’t often comment, I love your Thankful Thursday posts! And I, too, am thankful for spring!!


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