5 Historical Fictions I Want to Read

Have you heard the saying, History repeats itself? True to that saying, history does repeat, over and over. And although we can see it manifesting itself in our lives and society, we can see it in another way- historical fiction.

I’m more of a science fiction girl, but historical fiction definitely holds a place in my heart. There are millions of areas of history to explore with fiction, but here are the top five historic ages that I want to read.

  1. World-War-II-615x290.jpgWorld War II from a Nazi’s perspective. I want to read a WWII story where it’s not just all those evil Nazi’s being mowed down by the good guys. I want to hear their words, know their thoughts. I want redemption, but even more, I want perspective.
  2. 02_titanic_1st_class_staircase_dome.jpgTitanic from someone besides Jack or Rose. There were thousands of people on that boat. What did they have to say? There’s so much room for creativity, too. It could be any person, any age. Did they survive? Did they die? Were they first class or third?
  3. Roaring 20’s. Probably a story about someone in the movies. I’m a sucker for anything that has to do with theatre or acting.
  4. The Space Age- maybe about Yuri Gagarin. I just discovered today that he was the first person to go to space. That sounds absolutely terrifying to me, but I can imagine that it would make a wonderful historical fiction. Actually, anything about the space age would be a great historical fiction.
  5. vintage-british-monarchy-royal-archers.jpgThe House of Windsor, which is the current monarchy that rules the United Kingdom. I think it would be interesting to read about the royals in the early 1900’s, when King George VI was reigning. Maybe a story about someone inside the palace. I don’t even really know what England was like back then. What better way to learn than through a book?

I was never into history that much when I was in school. But since fiction can take creative license and not worry about marring any of the facts, it can bring history to life. I don’t care if the main character wasn’t real. (Do you realize how much history I know because of National Treasure? I am capable of dividing the fictional Ben Gates from the actual Declaration of Independence.) The events are real, and because of the story, history has become real for me.

What events do you want to read about? Or maybe you’ve already read them. You know I love recommendations.


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