Heroism: Running Blind

I’m hesitant to say I’ve conquered the Block, but I do feel like I’ve been making progress. For so long I felt like I was slogging through peanut butter that this breezy two-pages-an-hour feels like speeding along an open road in a sports car. (If somebody offered me a ride in a real sports car, though, I would definitely stop writing and get in the car.)

I feel like my characters are unfolding a little more every time I write, and becoming more beautiful with each pencil stroke. Of course I’m slightly biased to the beauty of my own characters. But they’re definitely more developed now than they were four months ago, and all I can ask for is progress.


I can’t always see where the story is going, even though I know the major plot points. There are a lot of bends in the road that I don’t know what’s ahead. You’d think that as the author of this world, I would know the road. But really, I’m just holding the map. I don’t know what it will really look like until I come around the corner. I’m running blind into the next curve of the path.


I keep writing scenes that I’m hesitant to let others read. Not too hesitant, I guess, because yesterday a friend read everything I’d written. It’s still intimidating. I mean, when you write you’re really pouring out your soul into the pages. It’s not your own thoughts, your own actions, or your own life, but it’s still your own soul that’s forming the story. So yeah, it’s slightly terrifying to let someone else read it.

But it’s the times that I let others see my work that I’m encouraged to continue. Everyone around me is my fantastic support group, and there are lots of times when I need their support. So, to those who have read my book (or the people who are waiting for me to finish so they can read it), thanks for supporting me.

The curves in the road are many, but I’ll keep running blind.

To reach the next step means leaving one step behind.


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  1. I’m so proud of you! I’m glad you are still writing!


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