Thankful… Saturday 23

It is obvious that I didn’t do Thankful Thursday this Thursday. I have a wonderful excuse, which directly connects to what I am thankful for:


I never knew how much I depended on that intangible plasmatic world wide web. (And no, I don’t believe plasmatic is an accurate adjective to literally describe the internet at all, but it sounded so cool I used it anyway.) Last Wednesday, we lost internet access and had to wait until FRIDAY to get it back. *gasp*. We survived.

I’m also thankful for lack of internet, because going without it made me realize how much time I waste on the web. Since I couldn’t search for the nominees of this years Oscar’s or what concerts would be around here in the near future at the immediate second I wondered it, I had to fill my time with un-internet things.

Which included Hero. So yes, as soon as we lost internet I wrote, like, seven pages in Hero. I’d been praying for God to help me buckle down and write, and He with His beautiful sense of humor, removed a problem from the equation.

So I have to be thankful for that. But I’m also thankful that I can look up the nominees of the Oscars now.


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  1. So glad you didn’t perish from your lack of internet access! 🙂


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