5 Books that Should be Movies

When I read, I don’t just read.

I see.

I’m a really visual person, so every book turns into a movie in my head. After reading Kellyn’s post of Books that Should be Made Into Movies, I knew I had to share my own thoughts.  Every book has at least some potential to go on the big screen, but there are certain books that I desperately need to see come to life through film. So here are five books that I would love to see in cinemas.

Son by Lois Lowry

3cdeabd496e5a809027a5cc77b0fcf95.jpgI had my fair share of problems with the film adaptation of The Giver, but I would still love to see Son on the big screen. The final book of the Giver quartet is full of emotions, and it’s kind of a sad story- but not in a depressing way. There’s a light of hope throughout the book that captures my attention from page one, and hopefully someday it’ll be adapted for the screen.

Cloak of the Light by Chuck Black

In my recent post, My Top Ten Favorite Books, I listed this book (and its adjacent trilogy members) as Number 10, but the only book in the trilogy that I’d like to see as a movie is the first one. It’s got a nice flow to the story line that I think would really adapt well to a movie. Some books are not movie material, but Cloak of the Light has a lot of cinematic moments.

Peter by Day, Pan by Night by Janise Anderson

cf01de0754c1a79a6b840369803e3b30.jpgPeter by Day is a fanfiction on Wattpad (find it right here) about… PETER PAN!! (Wow, you never saw that coming, did you?) I actually know Janise, and that’s why I read Peter by Day in the first place. It was her first book (that I know of, at least) and since then her writing has only improved. It was the first fanfiction I read, too, and it endeared me to all the wonderful things about fanfiction. I would love to see this as a movie because it takes the original story of Peter Pan, something that I didn’t specifically love, and twists it into a captivating new story with the same wonderful characters.

Heist Society by Ally Carter

I’ve only recently begun reading the Heist Society trilogy, but I can already say that I would enjoy a film version of the series. They definitely fall more into the chick-flick category, and although I tend to dislike those, I think I’d like Heist Society. They’re light and funny, with just enough action to keep you flipping pages all the way to the end. As a movie, it would have a winning strategy- get your viewers to want the characters to win, and make them wait for victory.

Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein

3c17d93eed515adb50d37983e6ceb34c.jpgIn my review for this book, I explained how attached I became to the characters. Attached like my-heart-is-duct-tape-super-glued-to-theirs. Also, this book is Number One on my Top Ten list. With all that love and attention, it’s not hard to believe that I want to see this book turned into a movie.

The thing about Code Name Verity is that it would be really challenging to adapt for the screen. There’s a lot of writing- in fact, there’s 100% writing. The entire book is written in first-person as the main character literally writes down their story. If the movie just showed people sitting around writing all the time, that would be really boring. But obviously they’d have to take the events they talk about and show them. The thing is, there’s a charm to reading what the character wrote down. Reading their thoughts, their emotions. As much as I love movies, there are some things movies can’t attain.

No medium can fully capture a story. If it’s a movie, I wish it was a book so I could read it. If it’s a book, I wish it was a movie so I could see it. If it’s a book and a movie, all I can do is compare the two and fume because everything is wrong.

The common thread is that whether it’s a book or a movie, it tells a story. And the story is what captures my heart.



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  1. *gasp* I inspired someone. 😉


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