Just Write, Leftie.

Being left-handed definitely has its perks- one being that in archery class, I get my choice of bow since I’m the only left-handed person there. Being left-handed also has the downside of getting lead all over my hand when I write in pencil and smudging ink when I write in pen.

But that’s not a good excuse for not writing. There’s not really any good excuse to not write. However, the only time I can be encouraged to write is when I’m not writing. And today, I’ve been encouraged.


I got out all my many notebooks full of character diagrams and timelines and plot lines today but never started writing because I just didn’t feel it. Sometimes we do need to stop and redirect our thoughts so we can write the right story, but sometimes, we need to just put that stinkin’ pencil on the paper and start scribbling words.


I’m obsessive-compulsive when it comes to ripping out pages. This 70-page notebook is down to about fifty now because I’m striving after perfection.


Get it down. Build it into a bestseller later. Because the only way to become an author is to write a rough draft today that turns into a novel tomorrow.

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 5.37.36 PM.png



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  1. Lots of great points! 🙂


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