My Top Ten Favorite Books


Oh, those beautiful, beautiful things. It’s not even just the words inside, but the binding, the paper, the ink. And somehow those black shapes on a page evoke strong emotions in us, and change our perspective.

I’m still in awe of how that works.

I’m always searching for a new novel. As it is, I had trouble getting to 10 favorites, because there are only maybe eight that I can really claim as my favorites. But, here they are, in order of “Just Barely Made it to the Favorites List” to “My Heart is Exploding Because I Love This”.

10. Wars of the Realm Trilogy. Umm… I’m already breaking the ‘top ten’ rule, because yes, this is technically three books. But I don’t care. I’m lumping them into one. Actually, I’ll lump Book 1 and Book 3 together. Book 1 and Book 3 take Number 10 on the Top Ten List. Confused yet?

9. The First Two Lives of Lukas-Kasha. I’ve only read this book once, and a friend spoiled the twist ending for me before I read it, so I wasn’t shocked but I still consider this a favorite.

3368583.jpg8. The Gammage Cup. I actually like stand-alones. There’s something charming about them, and The Gammage Cup is relatively long. I like long.

7. The Charlatan’s Boy. This book takes place in the same world as another one of my favorites, (Number 4), but in another time.

6. Son. Son is the fourth book in The Giver Quartet. I was shocked to discover that The Giver was accompanied by three others- and Son is, by far, my favorite of the three.

17234575.jpg5. The Giver. This book stands alone apart from the rest of its series. It leaves me with a fresh perspective EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

4. The Wilderking Trilogy. For years this has been Number One on my list, but I’ve read so many amazing books that it has been knocked to Number Four. WHAT?!?! So, this is another trilogy. I’ll say that Book 3 is my favorite. The third normally is because it has the highest stakes.

Book 3 of the series.

3. The Ascendance Trilogy. My goal in life is to play Imogen in the film versions of these books. There are some things about the book that I’m hoping get cut for the screenplay because they’re not very cinematic, but regardless of those moments, I love these books. Specifically Book 3.

2. The Martian. Andy Weir’s novel is more like a documentary, except that… it didn’t actually happen. I saw the movie first, which is one of my favorite movies, and read the book, which is now… one of my favorite books.

717ab9595efec8e7998c6145bcecfb1a.jpg1. Code Name Verity. I am still reeling, even though it’s been weeks since I read it. I wrote a review (here) on the book. My cousin suggested this book to me and I am so, so glad she did. It blew me out of the water.

Not even the 26 letters of the alphabet can describe how much I love books. What are your favorite books? I would love recommendations.



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  1. So… This is embarassing, but I haven’t read a single book on your list, hadn’t even heard of most of them. But they are favourites, so I’ll have a go at them! There are three books that come immediately to my mind, my comfort books I could call them, maybe they are sth for you too? To say nothing of the dog by Connie Willis; Small gods by Terry Pratchett; Gaudy night by Dorothy Sayers. I’ll spend the evening thinking about 7 more 🙂 Thank you for your list!


  2. Awesome list! I have read almost all of those books. I especially like the one by Loyd Alexander (actually I like all of his books.) Although my favorite book is the Lord of the Rings, so a little difference there. Great blog, I really enjoy reading it!


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